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Founded in 2010, Affinity DNA was born of the desire to make genetic testing accessible to the general public. Founded by a group of biotechnology experts and genealogy enthusiasts, the company has rapidly established itself as a key player in the field of DNA testing. The initial mission was to provide high-precision services to help individuals explore their genetic heritage.

  • Innovative technologies guarantee high reliability
  • Global database for more precise matches
  • Easy integration of results with other platforms
  • Wide range of DNA tests
  • Clearly presented results
  • Responsive and competent customer support
  • Some regions of the world may be less represented in the database
  • Reading reports can be complicated

Introducing AffinityDNA

AffinityDNA ‘s main mission is to democratize access to genetic information. The aim is to enable everyone to discover their origins, understand their genetic heritage, and potentially connect with distant relatives. The company focuses on simplicity and accessibility of testing, while guaranteeing reliability and rigorous scientific accuracy.

Behind AffinityDNA is a team of renowned scientists and genetic experts. Renowned geneticist with over 20 years’ experience and specialist in molecular biology. The team also includes genealogy consultants, ensuring accurate interpretation of DNA data in a historical and family context. Our collective expertise ensures that every test meets the highest industry standards.

DNA testing at AffinityDNA

The laboratory offers a wide range of DNA tests, adapted to a variety of personal and professional needs. Here are the main services offered:

  • Mitochondrial DNA test (mtDNA): Specific to maternal lines, this test enables direct maternal ancestry to be traced back several millennia.
  • Y-DNA test: Exclusively for men, this test explores the direct paternal lineage. It is often used to trace the surname or geographical origin of paternal ancestors.
  • Family relationship DNA tests: Tests to establish family relationships such as between siblings, uncles/aunts and grandparents.
  • DNA Prenatal test: Provides information on the baby’s paternity and health before birth.
  • DNA Autosomal test: This test analyzes the DNA transmitted by both parents and is useful for tracing ancestors back 5 generations. It’s ideal for gaining a general overview of ethnicity and discovering family relationships near and far.
  • DNA health and genetic well-being test: Tests related to health, fitness and well-being. they provide insights into predisposition to certain diseases or sensitivities, and advice for a healthy lifestyle.
  • DNA test for animals: Includes breed identification and health tests for pets.
  • Other DNA tests: The range extends to more specialized tests, such as infidelity detection tests and hair drug tests.

DNA collection and sample dispatch

The sampling process is designed to be simple and non-invasive:

  • Sampling kit: On receipt of the kit, the user will find detailed instructions for sampling saliva or buccal cells.
  • Secure shipping: Once the sample has been collected, it is sent to the AffinityDNA laboratory in secure packaging to guarantee the integrity of the DNA.

Results and genealogical research

After analysis, users receive detailed reports:

  • Understandable results: Reports are designed to be easy to understand, with graphic visualizations and clear explanations.
  • Genealogy tools: Access to an online platform where users can build their family tree, compare their results with those of other users, and potentially discover new family members.

AffinityDNA DNA test prices

Affinity DNA offers a variety of DNA tests at different prices to suit different customer needs:

  • DNA paternity tests: Tests available from €75 to €1125 for prenatal paternity tests.
  • DNA maternity tests: Tests available from €169 to €329 for genetic reconstruction DNA tests.
  • DNA tests for family relationships: Tests available from €139 to €359 for DNA tests for genetic reconstruction
  • DNA ancestry tests: Tests available from €129 to €159
  • DNA health and well-being tests: Tests available from €76 to €149
  • DNA tests for animals: Tests available from €21 to €229
  • Other DNA tests: Tests available from €50 to €399

Data security at AffinityDNA

Data protection and security

Data security is a top priority for AffinityDNA. Personal information and DNA samples are treated with the highest level of confidentiality. Data is encrypted and stored securely.

The laboratory follows strict protocols to guarantee data security. Customers are informed about how their data is used and stored.

Customer service at AffinityDNA

Customer service is designed to deliver a quality customer experience:

  • Availability and accessibility: Customer service is easily accessible by various means, including telephone and e-mail.
  • Expert, responsive support: A team of trained professionals is on hand to respond to questions and concerns.
  • Personalized support: Each customer receives individual attention to ensure a complete understanding of services and results.