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EasyDNA, a renowned laboratory based in Belgium and operating in over twenty nations, stands out for its excellence in DNA testing. Its reputation is based on its extensive experience, with over 300,000 genetic analyses carried out. An undeniable sign of its expertise, the laboratory holds prestigious accreditations such as ISO17025, AABB and NATA, testifying not only to the rigor but also to the seriousness of the results supplied, which are 99% reliable.

  • Reporting between 3 and 5 days after the test
  • Efficient, easy-to-reach customer service
  • 99% reliability of results, with ISO 17025 certification
  • Wide range of specific DNA tests
  • Communication of certain results in English only

The laboratory boasts a wealth of experience, having carried out over 300,000 genetic analyses. Its reputation and reliability are certified by the highest accreditations in the sector, including those covering international standards in DNA testing.

EasyDNA’s uniqueness lies in the range of tests it offers, enabling anyone to explore their origins or establish family links across the globe with impressive speed.

EasyDNA: DNA tests available

EasyDNA sets itself apart by offering a unique and comprehensive collection of DNA tests. Whether to determine parentage, explore your ancestral origins or assess aspects of your health, they cover it all. Even your canine companion can benefit from a specific genetic test.

DNA paternity test

EasyDNA offers a 99.99% accurate paternity test, ideal for confirming the biological ties between a father and his child. This service is often called upon when paternity is in doubt. There are two options:

  • Non-invasive prenatal paternity test: Available from two months of pregnancy, this test analyzes the mother’s blood and the presumed father’s buccal swabs. Using NGS technology, it examines over 2,500 genetic markers.
  • Home paternity test: This test, analyzing 21 genetic markers, is performed by taking oral DNA samples to verify paternity with 99% certainty. Results are available within 3 to 7 days of receipt of samples.

DNA ancestry test

EasyDNA offers three distinct tests to explore your ancestral origins:

  • Ancestral Origins GPS Test: Identifies ancestral geography using 36 genes, offering 18 detailed reports. Results are available within 4 to 6 weeks.
  • Ancestral origins test: Provides a detailed analysis of the match between your DNA and different populations and anthropological regions. Test results are available within 2 to 3 weeks.
  • Maternal lineage test (Mitochondrial): Specifically designed to trace maternal lineage, this test is mutation-free and transmitted only by mothers. Test results are also available in English.

DNA health tests

EasyDNA offers DNA tests for health, helping in the prevention and management of various medical conditions:

  • Vegetarian Food Intolerance Test: Analyzes reaction to 100 vegan foods, provides a comprehensive guide to managing food intolerances. Results in 6-7 days.
  • General intolerance test: Assesses sensitivity to 800 foods and 325 non-foods. Results also available in 6-7 days.
  • SkinCareDNA: Evaluates the genetic factors influencing skin aging, covering 7 aspects such as wrinkles, sensitivity, and collagen quality.
  • Diet and ideal weight DNA test: Offers personalized recommendations based on your genetic profile to optimize your diet and weight management.

DNA test for dogs

Discover your dog’s ancestry and genetic age to better understand his health and well-being.

Features of the DNA test for dogs:

  • Identification of your dog’s breeds.
  • Genetic age assessment to anticipate health problems.
  • Easy to perform with a buccal swab.
  • Results available within 2-3 weeks.

Other DNA Tests

EasyDNA expands its services with a variety of specialized DNA tests:

  • Drug testing.
  • Personal DNA profiling.
  • Disaster victim identification.
  • Electropherogram analysis.
  • Express DNA Test option for fast results.

These services are designed to meet specific genetic and health needs.

Ordering DNA tests with EasyDNA

EasyDNA control

To carry out a DNA test at EasyDNA, you must first register on their official website. Once registered, the test is accessible to all, whether adults, children or even infants. All you have to do is carefully follow the precautions and instructions provided by EasyDNA to perform the test.

For those wishing to establish parentage before birth, the non-invasive prenatal test is available for €1025. If you prefer to do this in the privacy of your own home, the home test starts at €169. A more official setting requires a legal test at €349.

Research into ancestral and ethnic origins can be carried out with the GPS test for €149, or with a more advanced analysis for €199. Specific cases such as determining the relationship between siblings or twins are also considered with adapted kits.

EasyDNA’s focus is not limited to family ties, but extends to individual health issues, with tests ranging from €76 to €139, revealing food intolerances or providing personalized indications for skin care and weight management.

Pet owners can also take advantage of a unique canine-only service to estimate genetic age for €69 or obtain a full assessment from a specialist pack for €182.

Finally, EasyDNA also offers technical analyses such as electropherograms for just €50, as well as an express service if you’re pressed for time.

The promise of EasyDNA

EasyDNA is committed to supporting you at every stage of your DNA test, from ordering to analyzing the results. Available for any queries, this company guarantees a smooth and seamless experience.

Our opinion on EasyDNA

EasyDNA stands out as a benchmark in Belgium for its competence in the DNA testing sector. Whether you want to confirm parentage or explore your pet’s heredity, this laboratory offers a wide range of secure solutions.

The process is remarkably simple, with intuitive DNA kits. Their in-depth analyses can decipher genetic information by examining specific markers.

A major advantage lies in the speed of the service: while some operators take several weeks to deliver results, EasyDNA shines in its ability to deliver a full report within just a few working days, setting a standard of efficiency in the field.

ISO 17025 made easy

With ISO 17025 accreditation, EasyDNA guarantees not only the accuracy of its results, but also the efficiency of its analysis procedures, recognized worldwide.

A wide range of safe DNA tests

EasyDNA stands out in the market with its exceptional range of products, including an extensive palette of over 30 DNA tests that can be performed at home. This diversity testifies to the company’s commitment and seriousness, surpassing many other players in the sector who can only claim a fraction.

Professional customer service

EasyDNA ‘s qualified team is ready to help those who have taken a DNA test. If you have any questions, they can be contacted by email, by telephone on +32 2 880 179 or by chat. They stand out for their ability to provide fast, efficient answers.

Create your DNA kit and send it to EasyDNA

To carry out a DNA test with the kit offered by EasyDNA, a few steps are essential. Before starting, it’s vital that your mouth is cleaned without having ingested food or used tobacco products for at least an hour.

The EasyDNA website provides a set of clear instructions for assembling the kit yourself. These guidelines must be scrupulously followed to guarantee reliable results.