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The Quick DNA laboratory stands out in the DNA testing field for its speed and extreme precision. ISO 17025 certified, it specializes in various analyses such as determining ethnic origins and paternity, as well as prenatal and animal testing. Quick DNA’s team of experts performs a thorough double-check to guarantee almost absolute reliability of results. Customers benefit from real-time tracking thanks to a dedicated platform, optimizing the user experience. In terms of value for money, this laboratory impresses while maintaining a high level of confidentiality.

  • Over 99.997% accuracy of results
  • Results in 72 hours / Delivery within 10 days
  • Multiple controls for each sample
  • Origin test comparing samples to a global database of over 17 million individuals
  • Detailed report on diet and sports profile
  • Identification of over 5,923 genetic diseases.
  • QuickConnect makes it easy to discover your family relationships.
  • Fast, efficient customer service.
  • Delivery option available in France.
  • Limited coverage of certain ethnic origins
  • Difficulty in generating an exhaustive family tree
  • Moderate complexity in interpreting certain results

We have personally experienced the services offered by Quick DNA and are ready to share our conclusions about their accuracy and reliability. The promise of a rapid discovery of the mysteries contained in our DNA has been put to the test to provide you with an informed account of their performance.

Introducing Quick DNA

Located in the USA and operating under the Ferber Enterprises banner, the Quick DNA laboratory has built a reputation for high-precision DNA analysis. The quality of its services is certified by the ISO 1705 standard, ensuring results with an accuracy rate more than 99.997%. Despite its American roots, the laboratory’s head office is in the Czech Republic, where it scrupulously complies with European standards for the processing and security of personal information.

The Quick DNA team is made up of seasoned scientists and innovative clinicians who put their expertise at the service of flawless reliability. Each analysis is meticulously controlled by specialists in molecular genetics. They use revolutionary methodologies to offer DNA tests that are not only reliable, but also in line with the latest technological advances.

DNA testing at Quick DNA

Explore your origins easily with Quick DNA tests. Discover the unique story written in your genes.

DNA Ancestry test

This Quick DNA test analyzes specific DNA segments to identify the regions from which your ancestors originate, covering 4,529 geographical areas worldwide.

In addition to discovering your ethnic roots, the test assesses over 200 genetic traits and your susceptibility to 5,923 hereditary diseases. It provides invaluable information on your tolerance to certain medications, your athletic abilities, and your nutritional profile.

DNA Ancestry Test

DNA Paternity test

Quick DNA also offers a kinship test to clarify family ties. This discreet test compares DNA sequences with those of another person to determine a biological link. Samples such as hair, used tissues or toothbrushes can be used. The results, achieved in less than three days, offer reliable certainty, and can bring peace and clarity to family relationships.

DNA Parentage Test

DNA Prenatal paternity test (before birth)

The Quick DNA prenatal paternity test establishes paternity before birth. This baby-safe test analyzes fetal DNA in the mother’s blood using a sample taken from the mother’s vagina and the presumed father’s saliva. This test offers emotional preparation and peace of mind before the arrival of the child.

DNA Prenatal Test

DNA test for animals

Quick DNA offers a DNA test to discover your pet’s racial origins. This test identifies up to 650 breeds and types of animals, as well as their predisposition to a panel of 2,538 diseases. This test helps to understand the animal’s history and genetics, as well as its reactions to certain veterinary drugs, enabling better management of its health.

Animal Breed DNA Test

The Quick DNA kit goes one step further, offering an in-depth exploration of genetic inheritance:

  • Find out for sure the exact origin of canine ancestors.
  • Find out more about their specific hereditary traits.
  • Carefully assess their vulnerability to a wide range of health disorders.

This tool is also proving useful for identifying family connections between animals, and even for anticipating the biological links of a child in gestation. Whether you’re a professional or simply curious, understanding genetic inheritance is now within reach, so you can effectively care for these living beings that are so dear to us.

Quick DNA prices

DNA Ancestry Test
DNA Parentage Test
DNA Prenatal Test
Animal Breed DNA Test

Price according to test type

Quick DNA offers a variety of DNA tests, each with a price tag that reflects its complexity and the accuracy of the results provided. The ethnic origins test, which provides an in-depth genetic map of ancestral heritage, is available at a competitive price.

More specialized tests, such as non-invasive prenatal testing or screening for genetic diseases, naturally have a higher cost due to their technical nature and the advanced level of expertise required but are nevertheless much less expensive than the competition.

For example, a prenatal paternity DNA kit can cost upwards of €1000 in some laboratories, compared with just €299.90 at Quick DNA.

Accepted payment methods

To facilitate access to its services, Quick DNA offers several secure payment methods for customers’ individual convenience. Credit card transactions (Visa, MasterCard) are accepted at no extra charge. The company also accepts payment by bank transfer and, for international customers, via recognized online payment platforms such as PayPal.

Order a DNA test from Quick DNA

Ordering your DNA test from Quick DNA is child’s play. Simply visit their online platform to select the product you want. In just a few clicks, the purchase is complete.

Quick DNA stage

Take a DNA test at home

Once you have received your test, collect your sample by following the instructions. If it’s a parentage or prenatal test you’re after, all you need is a little saliva from the person concerned. For greater confidentiality, alternatives such as a hair or handkerchief can be used.

After carefully collecting the sample, return it in the envelope provided. The Quick DNA team will then examine your genetic data in detail. You’ll soon receive the results revealing what’s hidden in your DNA.

Understanding the results

At Quick DNA, understanding DNA test results is paramount. The company offers detailed and simplified reports for each analysis carried out. Customers receive their results in a secure digital format, accompanied by a precise and succinct explanation of the significance of the genetic data.

The reports not only provide the raw information about your DNA, but also interpret this data in terms of heredity or health, depending on the type of test selected. For example, an ancestral report defines your ethnic origins, while a genetic medical report could indicate a predisposition to certain diseases.

It is essential to stress that Quick DNA does not provide direct medical advice. The results are designed to be shared with a qualified healthcare professional who will be able to offer a more in-depth analysis and personalized advice if required.

Reasons to choose Quick DNA

For us, the Quick DNA laboratory is the best DNA test available on the net, thanks to its distinctive features.

Delivery available to France

In France, many laboratories have stopped sending out DNA tests. A handful, however, continue to serve the whole country, including the most isolated regions. So, whether you live in the capital or in a remote village, you can always receive your kit without delay.

QuickDNA stands out among these rare providers by offering delivery not only in France, but also throughout Europe. The promise? A shipment so fast, it’s sure to amaze you.

So, no matter where you live in France, getting your DNA test is simple and efficient. A service that underlines their commitment to ensuring easy access to genetic analysis for all.

Competitive rates

At Quick DNA, genetic tests are offered at unbeatable prices. Without demanding astronomical sums, the laboratory makes the discovery of your genetic heritage accessible for less than €100. Whereas in other establishments, such a service could cost you twice as much.

Their offer also includes an advanced prenatal test for just €299, whereas you could be charged up to €1,000 elsewhere. Quick DNA is committed to providing accurate, high-quality services at affordable prices.

Results available in 72 hours

We’re convinced that Quick DNA’s ability to deliver analyses quickly puts it at the forefront of laboratories. Those seeking answers about their genetic ancestry or wishing to establish a parentage no longer must wait interminable weeks.

Imagine receiving all the crucial information about your DNA just 3 days after the sample reaches the laboratory. That’s exactly what Quick DNA offers. And to top it all off, this valuable data is delivered directly to your door, between 7 and 10 days after your direct debits are sent. A service this efficient clearly deserves the recognition it deserves in a field where every minute can count for us impatients.

Reliability of results

Quick DNA’s top quality is based on the excellence of its genetic analyses. In an environment where detail is king, each sample benefits from delicate, rigorous handling. The latest technological innovations ensure flawless accuracy.

The commitment to precision doesn’t stop there, as Quick DNA boasts international recognition: the ISO 17025 standard. This certification is significant; it symbolizes almost absolute confidence in the results provided by the laboratory.

In their quest to decipher the mysteries at the heart of our DNA, the experts at Quick DNA scrutinize every molecule with exemplary meticulousness. The promise? These conclusions are over 99.997% reliable, which is no mean feat for those looking for answers in their genes.


QuickConnect is a free, optional feature designed to help you discover and make genetic connections with other people. By simply authorizing the sharing of your data, you can identify relatives, close or distant, who share DNA links with you. This service, included in the Quick DNA ethnic origin test, is available free of charge for life. QuickConnect offers you a unique opportunity to discover and communicate with a multitude of DNA parents around the world.

Data security at Quick DNA

At Quick DNA, customer confidentiality is a top priority. absolute priority. The company guarantees not only reliable analyses, but also advanced protection of your personal data. They remain inviolable and are not subject to any commercial transaction.

The only use of this sensitive information is for genetic analysis. You are free to request the deletion of your data as you wish. To ensure their security, Quick DNA features the QuickConnect system, reinforced by several layers of protection such as access control and advanced encryption.

What’s more, as a player on the European market, Quick DNA scrupulously respects the strict guidelines imposed by European laws on the protection of personal data.

Managing your personal space

Managing your personal space with Quick DNA is intuitive and secure. After ordering the DNA test, each customer is assigned a personalized account on the online platform. This personal space allows you to follow the progress of the analysis process and consult results as soon as they become available.

The personal space offers a range of functions to ensure optimum tracking of your order. It gives access to precise details of your genetic report, with the option of downloading it in PDF format for later consultation without an internet connection.

Quick DNA ensures total protection of customer information. All data is encrypted and stored on highly secure servers to prevent any risk of unauthorized access or inappropriate use.

Our opinion on Quick DNA

We have studied the reliability of the promises made by this laboratory, and our feedback is more than satisfactory. In fact, the promise of accuracy more than 99.997% has been fulfilled. We were pleasantly surprised by the speed with which the results became available, within the advertised time of 48 – 72 hours.

We received our results in a carefully sealed, unmarked envelope, demonstrating the confidentiality that the laboratory prides itself on. Data protection is clearly a priority for Quick DNA, which is reassuring. The results were detailed and clear.

In conclusion, we highly recommend this laboratory.

Quick DNA