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Wisdom Panel is the world leader in DNA testing for animals. This service offers a detailed exploration of the genetics of our dog and cat friends, providing a window into their precise racial origins, physical characteristics and predispositions to certain medical conditions. With this system, it becomes possible to draw up a family tree for your pet, enriching our understanding of their biological heritage. A unique feature is the online veterinary consultation that accompanies any result highlighting a potential health risk for the subject tested.

  • Discount applied to the purchase of several tests
  • The world’s largest database in its field
  • Ability of tests to identify drug sensitivities (such as the MDR1 gene) in dogs
  • Family tree creation option
  • Detailed analysis of breed distribution
  • Comprehensive information on the racial characteristics of cats and dogs
  • Free veterinary consultation for results indicating a health risk
  • Contribute to animal protection with a donation of $1 for each kit sold
  • Tests do not cover all breeds
  • Additional fees may apply for veterinary consultations
  • High cost of some kits
  • Results only available in English

The tool reveals fascinating information such as the astonishing genetic similarity between dog breeds as dissimilar in appearance as a Chihuahua and a Great Dane. Similarly, it can explain why a simple domestic cat might outwardly resemble a more exotic breed.

Precision and reliability are at the heart of the service offered by Wisdom Panel, making it a privileged tool for all owners concerned about the well-being of their faithful companions. Whether you’re curious about racial origins or want to know more about your pet’s health predispositions, these tests are a valuable source of information. All in all, it’s a wise choice for those who place animal welfare at the heart of their concerns.

Introducing Wisdom Panel

If you’re looking for a solution to decipher your four-legged friend’s genetic make-up, Wisdom Panel is the obvious choice. With a solid track record in the world of DNA testing for pets, this product line comes directly from Mars Petcare’s specialized branch, known as Wisdom Health.

With experience built up over two decades and backed up by millions of DNA analyses carried out, this company has built up unrivalled expertise. His secret? A committed team of scientists and geneticists who all share the same passion: improving the quality of life of animals through an in-depth understanding of their genetics.

DNA testing at Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel offers specific DNA tests for our feline and canine friends, tailored to each species.

DNA tests for dogs

The brand offers you a range of three DNA tests to determine the hereditary characteristics of your canine companion.

Breed Discovery Kit

Discover the ancestry of your faithful companion with the Wisdom Panel Breed Discovery kit. This genetic analysis kit is a precise tool for identifying the different breeds that make up your dog’s heritage. It also offers a window into the specific behaviors associated with its heritage.

Breed discovery

Enhance your understanding of your pet’s physical characteristics, such as the presence of an underbite. The panel offers extensive coverage of over 365 dog breeds, ensuring reliable, detailed results.

One of the test’s major assets is its ability to examine drug sensitivity, notably via the MDR1 test. This test detects any adverse reactions your dog may have to common pharmaceutical treatments.

Be patient: you’ll receive the results within 2 or 3 weeks, providing a complete picture that will help you take better care of your pet.

DNA Essential Kit

If you want to explore your four-legged friend’s heritage and health, the Wisdom Panel Essential is the tool for you. This genetic test goes far beyond simple breed identification, revealing a panorama of data on a dog’s characteristics and well-being.


With the ability to recognize over thirty hereditary diseases, this kit provides in-depth knowledge that can influence your pet’s future care. It also investigates several distinctive physical traits – including, but not limited to, unique eye tint or coat specifics.

Premium DNA Kit

Discover your canine companion’s hereditary secrets with the Wisdom Panel Premium. This in-depth test gives you a precise overview of your dog’s lineage, going back as far as three ancestors. It provides a complete genetic identity card, revealing potential disease risks and detailing a multitude of physical characteristics.


DNA testing for cats

Complete DNA kit for cats

Discover your cat’s genetic secrets with the Wisdom Panel Complete DNA test. This genetic analysis tool sheds light on theheritage and well-being of your pet, whether it’s a specific breed or a unique mix. The test stands out for its ability to detect a multitude of aspects concerning your companion’s health and physical characteristics.

Complete for cats

With this kit, access precise information on over 70 feline lineages. It also examines a wide range of hereditary conditions, amounting to over 45 potential pathologies. In addition to these medical data, the test carefully identifies various physical attributes specific to each breed.

One of its major assets is its ability to determine the cat’s blood group, vital information for future veterinary interventions. Conclusions are usually delivered within two to three weeks.

How does the Wisdom Panel work?

After years of fine-tuning their technique, Wisdom Panel has developed a proven strategy for deciphering the genetic code of our four-legged companions.

DNA sample processing

To analyze your four-legged friend’s DNA, Wisdom Panel offers an effective and proven method. A swab is used to collect cells from the buccal mucosa, a simple procedure you can perform at home. After the sample has dried for a few minutes, you send it to the laboratory in a dedicated envelope.

Once the laboratory receives the sample, that’s when things get serious. Thanks to their expertise and advanced equipment, our genetics specialists can decipher your animal’s genetic make-up, otherwise known as genotyping.

The next step is careful comparison with a vast repertoire of canine and feline breeds, to ensure the reliability of the data provided. This process takes between two and three weeks, after which you’ll receive detailed information on your dog or cat’s genetic inheritance, helping you to better understand its health and hereditary characteristics.

Analysis technology

Wisdom Panel draws on extensive research to provide a detailed insight into the genetic make-up of domestic animals. At the heart of the system is a special chip designed by the researchers to distinguish even the slightest genetic variations between similar breeds.

The accuracy of the analyses is ensured by comparison with a vast collection of genetic samples, the most extensive in the world. With over 27,000 samples from some 50 countries, this database is an essential reference in the field.

The advanced system implemented by Wisdom Panel far exceeds common efficiency standards. Its ability to rapidly process an impressive volume of samples testifies to its significant technological lead over conventional methods.

The different breeds available

With Wisdom Panel, discover a treasure trove of information on the origins of our four-legged friends. Their database, one of the richest in the industry, offers precise information for tracing the genetic heritage of dogs and cats.

Dog breeds

In the vast canine universe, a myriad of breeds stand out for their diversity and specific attributes. The range extends from the small Affenpinscher to the majestic Afghan Hound, not forgetting the robust Airedale Terrier or the impressive Akita. The dog world also includes loyal guardians like theAkbash Dog, and energetic companions like theAlaskan Husky.

Each of these breeds has a rich history worth learning about, in addition to its own physical and behavioral characteristics. Health is also a crucial aspect; understanding genetic predispositions is essential to giving each dog a fulfilling life.

On the other hand, canine music lovers will appreciate the sweet melody of the name “Beagle”, while the mysterious Basenji will charm lovers of the exotic. The French terroir is not to be outdone, with the rustic Basset fauve de Bretagne, while the delicate Shih Tzu will delight those in search of Asian elegance.

Learning about these breeds enriches our understanding of the canine world and strengthens the special bond between humans and their faithful four-legged companions.

Breed mix dog

Cat breeds

Breed mix cat

If you’re exploring feline diversity, some breeds stand out for their popularity. The robust Maine Coon is often mentioned, as is the Bengal, famous for its wild looks. Lovers of sweetness will be seduced by Ragdoll, while the distinctive Devon Rex is gaining in notoriety. The intriguing, hairless Sphynx is another eye-catcher, as is the majestic Persian.

Some prefer the Nordic allure of the Siberianong or opt for the British poise embodied by the rBritish Shorthair. The charismatic Scottish Fold also has its fans. And of course, the eternally sophisticated Siamese continues to fascinate.

There are also rarer but equally fascinating specimens such as the exotic African Wildcat and the dynamic American Bobtail. Varieties such as American Loop andAbyssinian further enrich this mosaic.

The Wisdom Panel laboratory clearly distinguishes between purebred and pedigree cats, an essential nuance for those who seek to understand their feline companion down to the very last gene.

The accuracy of Wisdom Panel DNA tests

Wisdom Panel uses advanced methods to guarantee the reliability and accuracy of DNA analyses for canines and felines. The remarkable accuracy of their assessments, estimated at 98%, is rooted in a meticulous scientific approach, which includes a detailed sampling verification process.

This special attention is essential to distinguish subtle genetic variations, even among closely related varieties. Each sample is compared with a vast worldwide collection of animal breed samples, comprising over 27,000 specimens from some 50 nations. This extensive database is the foundation on which we can accurately identify the genetic make-up of our four-legged companions.

DNA test prices

The laboratory offers a variety of genetic tests tailored to the needs of pet owners. Each test is priced according to the level of detail of the results provided.

For those wishing to discover the breeds that make up their dog, the Breed Discovery Kit is available for $84.99.

For a more in-depth assessment including essential information on the animal’s health and characteristics, the Essential kit is also available at $104.99.

Those wishing to obtain a complete analysis can opt for the Premium kit, available at $159.99.

Feline enthusiasts are not left out, as Wisdom Panel has developed a kit specifically for cats, offering an overview of their genetic profile for $129.99.

These tools provide owners with invaluable data for understanding and caring for their four-legged companions.

Data protection at Wisdom Panel

Wisdom Panel, part of the Mars Incorporated group, is committed to respecting the privacy of its users. When it comes to safeguarding personal information, the company spares no expense. Your identity and sensitive data are kept highly secure thanks to robust protocols and effective encryption.

The measures adopted by the company are at the cutting edge of technology to ensure that every piece of information concerning you is as secure as possible. Whether it’s your name or more specific details such as your genetics or financial situation, everything is treated with the utmost care.

With Wisdom Panel, you can rest easy: your information remains confidential and well protected against unauthorized access or intrusion. It’s a solid promise of integrity and reliability in the handling of your precious data.

Customer support

We take user support very seriously. A dedicated and qualified team is ready to listen to your concerns, especially those related to canine genetics, and guide you through the intricacies of DNA testing for dogs. They are there to clarify any confusion about the results obtained or to explain in detail the mechanism behind these analyses.

To request assistance, simply contact the service via a form available on their web platform. What’s more, an active presence on the main social networks means you can connect with them easily, whether on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

A word from the editors about Wisdom Panel

We have been very satisfied with the use of Wisdom Panel kits for genetic analysis of our animals. The accuracy of the results and the depth of the information provided proved invaluable. A notable strength is the use of a rich database, the fruit of multiple in-depth analyses.

Collaboration with specialists in the veterinary and genetic fields confirms the seriousness and reliability of Wisdom Panel. What’s more, their service covers a wide range of breeds, as well as a multitude of hereditary conditions and specific characteristics.

However, it should be pointed out that the results are only available in English, which may represent an obstacle for some French-speaking users. In addition, there is no Wisdom Panel center in France, an aspect that could be improved to facilitate access to the brand’s services.

Wisdom Panel