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With over two decades of expertise, Family Tree DNA has become a pioneer in the world of genealogical DNA analysis. Its renown is based in particular on its rich worldwide autosomal repertoire. What sets this laboratory apart is its ability to provide a complete analysis with a single sample: here, mitochondrial, autosomal and Y DNA are examined simultaneously.

  • Y-DNA, mitochondrial and autosomal testing from a single sample
  • The world’s largest DNA database
  • A dynamic, committed community
  • Prompt, efficient customer support
  • Site interface only available in English
  • More expensive health tests than those offered by MyHeritage

Since its launch in 2000, FamilyTreeDNA has established itself as one of the most experienced DNA analysis laboratories in the world. With over two million customers, this laboratory has earned an international reputation.

FamilyTreeDNA is recognized as a pioneer in the field of genetic analysis. It was the first laboratory in the USA to offer autosomal DNA testing at home, enabling individuals to discover their ancestry.

The laboratory offers a variety of DNA kits for genetic exploration. It offers 4 types of DNA test, three of which are specifically designed for genealogy, analyzing various parts of the genome. More recently, FamilyTreeDNA has introduced a DNA test dedicated to health, expanding its range of services.

DNA testing and sampling

The FTDNA (FamilyTreeDNA) laboratory offers a range of DNA tests to explore your genetic heritage. You can opt for the Y-DNA test, which traces your paternal lineage, or the mitochondrial DNA test to discover your maternal roots. Autosomal DNA testing is also available for people wishing to gain a broader insight into their family tree and ethnic origins.

By choosing the autosomal genealogy test, you’ll have the opportunity to decipher the ethnic composition of your genetic heritage. Thanks to a meticulous analysis comparing your genetic profile with a vast database, this type of test reveals not only your various origins, but also the regions of the world from which your ancestors came. It’s a modern and effective way to learn more about your family history and the people with whom you share ancestral ties.

FamilyTreeDNA uses the latest technological innovations in DNA testing to offer this precious information that connects you to your family past.

Family Finder DNA test (Family)

Discover the secrets of your genetic heritage with the Family Finder test. This advanced test reveals the ethnic origin of your ancestors, giving you a precise percentage and geographical distribution. You’ll be amazed at the diversity of your ancestry!

Family ancestry family tree dna

Thanks to a worldwide database, you’ll have the opportunity not only to explore your roots, but also to find family members you never knew existed. Imagine contacting distant cousins or even discovering a previously unknown family branch.

Visualize the migration history of your ancestors with a dynamic map tracing their journey through time. Plus, receive a detailed report on potential family relationships scattered around the globe.

To top it all off, this innovative tool offers a direct comparison between your DNA and that of other people around the world. Who knows what fascinating connections are waiting to be revealed? Dive into the thrilling adventure of self-discovery with Family Finder.

The Family range has recently been expanded to include a health DNA testing option: Family Finder + myDNA Wellness.

Y-DNA tests (Paternal)

Y-DNA testing is designed exclusively for men, for in-depth exploration of their paternal lineage. This examination focuses on the Y chromosome, passed down from father to son, to establish the genealogy on the father’s side.

Paternal ancestry family tree dna

If you’re curious about the history and movements of your male ancestors, FamilyTreeDNA is a reference in this field, thanks to its vast database. Their analyses can take you back in time to your great-grandfathers and beyond.

It is important, however, not to confuse this test with those designed to prove direct parentage. FamilyTreeDNA takes you on a journey into your family’s past through 3 tests to identify distant links through, respectively, 37, 111 or 700 markers on the Y chromosome. This offers a unique insight into the past origins and migrations that have shaped your paternal family branch.

Mitochondrial DNA test (Maternal)

mtDNA, or mitochondrial DNA, is transmitted exclusively from mother to child. This unique genetic marker can only be inherited by the female line, and only women can pass it on to their offspring. Although a son can receive mtDNA from his mother, he will not be able to pass it on to his own children.

Maternal ancestry family tree dna

This type of examination is particularly useful for tracing one’s distant maternal roots, often well beyond the last five centuries. It gives a clear picture of your maternal ancestral heritage rather than close family ties.

FamilyTreeDNA offers an enriching experience when it comes to exposing your maternal ancestors: a customized video is offered, illustrating your upward journey from your haplogroup to the present day. It’s a lively and attractive way to discover your genetic past on your mother’s side.

DNA sampling

To guarantee top-quality data, FamilyTreeDNA opts for DNA collection via a simple buccal swab. This technique involves using a cotton swab to collect saliva on the inside of the cheek, which is renowned for its effectiveness and ease of use.

The relevance of results

After carrying out analyses with Family Tree DNA, they sent us a detailed report which included:

  • The distribution of our ethnic origins by world region;
  • Our direct ancestors by identifying our haplogroup;
  • Inventory of living relatives;
  • Maternal and paternal ancestry.

Results by ethnic origin

FamilyTreeDNA analyses your genetic heritage to reveal your ethnic origins. With a palette of over sixty ethnic groups, this tool offers a detailed panorama of your ancestral roots.

A pleasant surprise is the ethnicity card provided by the service. It uses distinct colors to visually represent the links between your DNA and different regions of the world.

Users are often astonished to find that their ethnic make-up includes regions they didn’t expect, showing the richness and complexity of their family lines through time.

Ancestry results

Haplogroup results

The haplogroup is defined as a category of human genetic heritage, illustrating the lineage and evolution of our predecessors. These groups are invaluable for deciphering ancient migratory movements.

Thanks to the analyses provided by FamilyTreeDNA, it is now possible to retrace the historical trajectory of one’s ancestors, and thus gain a clearer insight into one’s own family heritage. A key feature of these DNA tests is the introduction of an enlightening interactive map: it sketches the path of haplogroups through time, offering an enriching panorama of each individual’s cultural roots.

Another innovative aspect of Family Tree DNA is their ability to quantify autosomal DNA according to ancestral European communities such as hunters or farmers. This specificity allows us not only to identify our ethnicity, but also to discover more about the trades practiced by our distant ancestors.

Results for living parents

With FamilyTreeDNA, as with other similar services, users can discover their extended family links. By performing a genetic analysis, they can identify people who share common DNA sequences, and thus find family members they would never have suspected.

Surprises often await those who explore their genealogy in this way. It’s not unusual to discover that you have relatives living in faraway lands, such as the USA or even Iceland. These revelations are both intriguing and enriching, bringing people together despite geographical distances.

Results on paternal and maternal lines

If you’re exploring your family tree, the data provided by Family Tree DNA is a valuable tool. They offer a detailed analysis of your paternal or maternal lineage, thanks to specific tests such as the Y-DNA test for the father’s lineage and the mtDNA test for the mother’s.

This information is not only easy to understand, but also clearly presented. You can therefore be confident in their reliability, and appreciate their exhaustive nature, which goes as far as listing the trades practiced by your forebears. With FamilyTreeDNA, delving into family history becomes an enriching and accessible experience.

FamilyTreeDNA commitments

At FamilyTreeDNA, our priority is to ensure total customer satisfaction. The company offers impeccable support at every stage of the process.

If you have any questions, it’s always easy to contact a dedicated advisor to get the answers you need.

One of Family Tree DNA’s procedures is to ask users to take two mouth swabs. This preventive measure enables the laboratory to keep a replacement sample in case the first one is altered or lost, thus demonstrating its unquestionable reliability.

What’s more, the second sample is stored securely thanks to a barcode system. This system ensures that the sample and the genetic information it contains are not used without explicit consent, significantly strengthening the protection of personal data.

What’s the price?

The analysis of your genetic origins (family) through an autosomal test is available for $79 and $119 with the health option.

For those interested in the maternal line, the mitochondrial test costs $159.

In addition, men can explore their paternal heritage with a range of Y-DNA test packages, from $119 to $449, depending on the number of markers analyzed.
Options include the Y-37 for $119, the Y-111 for $249 and the more detailed Y-700 for $449.

Our experts’ opinion on FamilyTreeDNA

After running a series of DNA analyses with FamilyTreeDNA, our team was left with an overall satisfactory experience. This provider has a proven record of accomplishment as a serious laboratory, offering easy-to-handle kits and results you can rely on.

Examining our ethnic origins has brought us some pleasant surprises, shaking up certain prejudices along the way. Contrary to the expectations of many who believed they had only European roots, the various tests – autosomal, Y-DNA and mitochondrial – revealed a wider range of genetic heritages.

The detail provided by FamilyTreeDNA regarding ethnic composition stands out for its precision. This was clearly illustrated in the case of our group: each participant discovered links with different regions of the world, often unexpected.

The highly exhaustive autosomal basis

With two decades of experience behind it, Family Tree DNA is the world leader in genetic databases. Having accumulated overa million DNA profiles– precisely 1,403,270 as of mid-July 2023– the American entity excels in its unprecedented volume of data available for genealogical analysis.

This laboratory is more than just a storehouse of information; it has created a vast community passionate about the quest for origins and the mysteries of family DNA. Its forum is a dynamic place where daily discussions and advice emerge that can prove crucial for those delving into the study of their roots.

Overall, FamilyTreeDNA represents an essential pillar for all those curious about genetic heritage, offering not only unrivalled resources but also a space for exchange and community support.

3 DNA tests for 1 single sample

When it comes to enriching your genealogical data, Family Tree DNA sets itself apart by offering you the unique possibility of performing all three types of DNA analysis simultaneously. Thanks to easy buccal swab sampling, the tests are combined to provide a comprehensive overview of your heredity.

Uploading your GEDCOM files

FamilyTreeDNA opens the world of genealogy to family history enthusiasts, allowing them to integrate their GEDCOM data. This service makes it easy to cross-reference information from laboratories such as MyHeritage and 23andMe. The result is an enriching opportunity to discover previously unpublished correspondence and to trace ancestry with greater precision.