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Launched in 2016, MyHeritage has established itself as a key tool for those wishing to explore their ancestry. This Israeli genealogy service offers the possibility of analyzing your autosomal DNA, and opens the door to a better understanding of your ethnic origins as well as detailed health data, in strict compliance with bioethical regulations.

The lab’s success is undeniable; it has already helped millions of people around the world to trace their family lines. To best serve its international clientele, MyHeritage DNA offers its interface in several languages – almost 40 to be precise – making it easy for a wide audience to access its services.

  • Autosomal DNA test kit and health DNA kit with accurate results
  • Free access to a vast collection of genealogical archives
  • Free online tool to easily create your family tree
  • Presentation of results in the form of explanatory videos
  • Exceptional value for money
  • Customer support available every step of the way
  • Secure platform guarantees total control over your personal data
  • No analysis of mitochondrial DNA (maternal) and Y-DNA (paternal) in the proposed tests

MyHeritage : Presentation and history

MyHeritage is a genealogy and DNA testing company founded with the mission of connecting people to their family history. Since its inception, MyHeritage has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s leading genealogy platforms, offering users the opportunity to build family trees, search historical records and perform DNA tests to discover their origins and genetic heritage.

An important milestone in the history of MyHeritage was its acquisition in 2021 of Filae a French genealogy platform. This acquisition has significantly strengthened My Heritage’s presence on the European market and expanded its database, providing even richer access to archives and genealogical resources, particularly for those researching their ancestors in France.

If you’re planning to delve into the exploration of your family roots, MyHeritage DNA is an option worth considering. This laboratory offers in-depth autosomal DNA testing that can reveal information about your ethnic heritage, covering over 2000 regions of the world. With a community of millions of users, the chances of finding potential genetic matches are considerable.

One of the distinctive features of the service provided by this laboratory is the integration of DNA results into a family tree that you can build using the software provided. This alliance between technology and genealogy not only makes it possible to trace your ancestors, but also to establish the link with your distant relatives discovered through DNA testing.

The MyHeritage DNA ancestry test

The most performed test is the DNA ancestry test. It seeks to identify distant cousins and pinpoint our ancestry, linking us to our forebears over several generations. MyHeritage offers an autosomal kit to analyze your DNA and provide you with a detailed map of your origins.

We tried out the DNA kit developed by MyHeritage, designed to be easy to use:

  • 2 vials.
  • 2 swabs.
  • And everything needed to return the sample.
MyHeritage ethnic origins

This genetic exploration not only reveals the historical territories where our ancestors settled, but also weaves the complex web of our extended family relationships. With this type of DNA analysis kit, the discovery of family roots becomes tangible and accessible from home.

Results on ancestry

MyHeritage stands out for the richness and accuracy of the results it provides on ethnic origins, thanks to its vast collection of ethnic groups. By analyzing DNA samples from 2114 different ethnic groups, the laboratory offers an in-depth understanding of the geographical regions where your ancestors lived and their migrations. This allows you to trace your ancestry and discover your ethnic roots.

The laboratory also launched the innovative ” Founding Populations ” project, involving over 5,000 people worldwide. This project has played a key role in identifying unique founder populations, including groups such as Aborigines and Inuit.

MyHeritage has recently added a new tool to its platform: the interactive map of ethnic origins. This map offers a global perspective on the most widespread ethnic origins according to the country selected. Thanks to a constantly enriched database, MyHeritage is the only laboratory to offer this unique functionality, reinforcing its status as a leader in ethnic origins analysis.

MyHeritage results

DNA match results

The MyHeritage DNA test provides a detailed report on DNA matches, revealing the percentage of DNA shared with other individuals who have also taken the test and agreed to share their data. This report is made possible by MyHeritage’s “Founding Populations” project.

The report includes information such as:

  • Kinship: MyHeritage presents a diagram showing the degrees of kinship shared with your DNA matches, from close family to more distant relatives.
  • Geographical location: A geographical map helps determine the origin of family ties.
  • Ethnic origin: A detailed table in the report analyzes the ethnic origin of each match.

Steps for DNA autosomal test

The MyHeritage autosomal test is quick and easy to perform at home:

  1. Rub the inside of your cheeks for 10 seconds with a swab.
  2. Open the bottle and place the swab inside.
  3. Repeat with the second swab.
  4. Place samples in the plastic bag supplied.
  5. Insert the bag into the envelope provided.
  6. Stamp the envelope with a world stamp and send it to MyHeritage.

Results are released around 4 weeks after the laboratory receives the sample and can be accessed online via your personal space.

To make the process easier, MyHeritage offers a video tutorial, a unique initiative providing visual guidance for autosomal DNA testing.

The MyHeritage DNA health test

MyHeritage’s DNA Health Kit is based on an in-depth analysis of your DNA to assess potential risks of hereditary diseases. This kit complements the initial autosomal examination by providing crucial information on the possibility of genetic predispositions to various pathologies, such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s disease, and certain cancers.

With this tool, you get a clear picture of your biological heritage and the threats to your well-being. Thanks to this advanced device, which includes everything you need to collect and send your samples, you can obtain 42 detailed reports on your state of health.

This box contains everything you need to perform the test:

  • 2 vials for biological samples,
  • sterile swabs,
  • a bag to store your samples safely until analysis,
  • a prepaid return envelope.
MyHeritage health

A manual provides easy-to-follow instructions on how to proceed, and an activation card is required to start the process. Finally, a questionnaire must be completed to ensure accurate, personalized interpretation of the results obtained.

Results on genetic risks

We have received reports detailing the potential risks of genetic diseases. These documents shed light on the personal possibility of being affected by certain pathologies and offer a comparison with data collected in various regions.

Among these analyses, the following pathologies were identified as being influenced by our genes:

  • BRCA1/BRCA2 hereditary breast cancer
  • Age-related macular degeneration
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Celiac disease
  • Hereditary hemochromatosis
  • Hereditary thrombophilia
  • G6PD deficiency
  • Alpha-1 antitrypsin deficiency

It is important to understand that these results are not synonymous with a medical diagnosis. They neither affirm nor confirm the future appearance of a disease. Their role revolves around prevention, providing key data for an informed conversation with a healthcare professional. The latter will then be in a position to assess the appropriate preventive measures or follow-up required, either personally or for procreation-related issues.

Holder status information

If you’re planning to have children, it’s vital to know your risk of transmitting a hereditary condition. When each parent carries the same defective gene, their child has a one-in-four chance of developing the disease, and a one-in-two chance of simply being a carrier.

Having your genetics examined through a specific test can shed light on potential health hazards for your future baby. It’s a responsible step that allows us to anticipate and prevent any problems even before the child arrives.

Carrier status tests are available for 23 major hereditary diseases. These include cystic fibrosis, ataxia-telangiectasia syndrome, and Tay-Sachs disease. This information can prove crucial in your decision-making and in the preventive measures to adopt to ensure a better future for your offspring.

DNA and ancestry identification

With the Genetic Health DNA Kit, you can delve into the history of your ancestors on both sides, paternal and maternal. You’ll also discover the ties that bind you to other individuals through DNA matches.

MyHeritage has achieved a breakthrough with its “Founding Populations ” initiative, successfully categorizing at least 2114 ethnic groups. This feat enables them to refine their analyses to determine your origins and identify potential genetic connections among their user bases.

This service details your ethnic heritage while revealing unexpected family relationships within a global community. Ethnic variants are rigorously identified, providing an in-depth explanation of your ancestral lineage.

Steps in DNA analysis to assess health

To carry out a DNA test focused on analyzing your health, there’s a simple procedure to follow. First, you’ll be asked to complete a health questionnaire. The next step is to collect the sample: a buccal swab using a special cotton swab to obtain your saliva. Once this step has been completed for the two samples required, they are placed in the tubes supplied in the kit, then sealed in a plastic bag. The last step is to post the bag in a special envelope.

The benefits of the MyHeritage DNA Health Kit are many and appealing to those wishing to explore their genetic heritage and gain insights into their hereditary health. Not only is the process easy and can be carried out without leaving the comfort of your own home, it also gives access to specific ethnic data and provides valuable information about your family ties and potential hereditary diseases that may affect your lineage. In addition, this service assesses the likelihood of you carrying certain conditions that can be passed on to future generations.

How much does a DNA test at MyHeritage cost?

MyHeritage offers 2 types of genetic analysis. The first is a DNA test to discover your ethnic origins and identify any family relationships. The second combines this exploration with a detailed health check.

Costs vary according to the service chosen:

  • For examination of origins and family ties: 89 euros.
  • For the combined test including health data: 199 euros.

It should be noted that these amounts do not cover ancillary expenses such as postage, set at €11, or the international stamp, estimated at €2.

Building a family tree with MyHeritage

MyHeritage sets itself apart by offering a singular service that transcends its already well-known DNA test. For anyone who wants to delve into their past and unravel the story of their ancestors, the Family Tree Builder is a godsend. It invites its members to create their own family tree, free of charge.

The creation of this tree is just the beginning of an exciting adventure. MyHeritage then takes over, enriching your tree with information gleaned from a vast reservoir of historical and genealogical data. Thanks to this approach, users can not only trace their origins, but also discover hitherto unknown family links, making this journey back in time all the richer.

MyHeritage family tree

Using a GEDCOM file via MyHeritage

GEDCOM, or Genealogical Data Communication File, is a universal format for sharing information between various genealogical applications. This type of file encodes your family history in a form that allows specialized software to read and import your family tree.

With the intention of enriching your genealogical database, MyHeritage facilitates the integration of GEDCOM files into its service. This feature speeds up the creation and expansion of your family tree on their platform.

Its extensive compatibility means that users can easily migrate their data from one application to another without losing valuable information. It also encourages genealogy researchers to exploit different online sources to complete their family research, thanks to GEDCOM’s interoperability.

Genealogy archives on MyHeritage

MyHeritage is renowned for its comprehensive genealogical archives. You have free access to a variety of archive types, such as newspapers, vital records, and transport documents. With MyHeritage’s Family Tree Builder, you can explore billions of documents from their database. This includes birth records, death notices, census records, and other genealogical resources, all designed to enrich your understanding of family history.

MyHeritage Archive

Contribute to the MyHeritage Wiki

The MyHeritage Wiki is a free, collaborative online encyclopedia. By creating an account on MyHeritage Wiki, you can become a contributor, sharing your personal research and archives. This wiki is a valuable resource for those interested in genealogy, offering:

  • Genealogical research by country, including information on regions, history, geography, families, ethnic groups and popular surnames.
  • Information on surname traditions by country.
  • Access to historical archives.
  • Practical guides to genealogy.
  • Lexicons on genetic origins.

These resources are invaluable for anyone wishing to deepen their understanding of their family history and roots.

Bringing images to life with AI-generated historical avatars

With MyHeritage, you can bring your family history to life by animating your ancestors’ profiles using the AI Time Machine tool. This tool lets you design interactive avatars to enrich your family tree. The good news is that this tool is available free of charge, although some features are reserved for subscribers.

IA Time Machine - MyHeritage

Restoring an old family photograph

Bring your memories back to life with the in-color application, a tool designed to restore old family photos. This modern technology enables you to transform faded shots into vivid, precise images.

The application’s primary function is to digitize your paper photos, giving them a new lease of life in the digital world. And it doesn’t stop there: In color also features a unique function for animating faces in photos, adding an original, modern touch to your most precious memories.

With its ease of use, it is accessible to all those who wish to preserve their family heritage while adding a lively dimension thanks to short animations. This makes it easy to share these pieces of history with family and friends, ensuring that precious moments are passed on to future generations.

colorize / restore photo MyHeritage

Bring your old photos to life

MyHeritage offers two innovative services in the field of photography and family memories.

Deep Nostalgia

Deep Nostalgia is MyHeritage’s flagship feature, allowing you to animate the faces in old photos. This service brings photos to life by adding realistic movements to faces, creating a unique and sometimes moving experience. Deep Nostalgia is part of the MyHeritage suite of photo tools, which also includes MyHeritage In Color™ to colorize photos, Photo Enhancer to improve image sharpness, and Photo Repair to repair damaged photos.


DeepStory is another feature that lets you create stunning video biographies from family photos. You upload a photo of an ancestor and DeepStory automatically converts it into a biographical video. You can personalize this biography by adding text, choosing from over 140 different voices in 31 languages, and modifying the photos for each chapter of the video. DeepStory also offers the option of sharing these videos with family and friends, via social networks or direct link. This feature is available on the MyHeritage website and mobile application. Users with a Full subscription can create an unlimited number of DeepStories, while other users can create several free of charge, with a MyHeritage watermark on the video.

These services are designed to make family history more accessible and enjoyable, enabling users to connect with their ancestors in innovative ways. It’s important to use them respectfully by obtaining permission to use photos of living people.

MyHeritage DNA mobile app

The MyHeritage mobile application makes it easy to create and consult family trees and access archives to research your ancestors.

MyHeritage DNA features include:

  • Smart Matches: Using a database of over 1.5 billion profiles, this function compares family trees to identify your family links.
  • Record Matches: This option performs a rapid comparison of thousands of international documents, providing crucial information for your genealogical research.
  • SuperSearch: A special search engine designed by MyHeritage to simplify the search for ancestors in their database.

MyHeritage offers five subscription options to access these tools:

  • Basic: Free, creates family trees for up to 250 people.
  • Premium: €109 per year (€69 for the first year).
  • Premium Plus: €189 per year (€129 for the first year).
  • Total Access to Archives: €169 per year (€109 for the first year).
  • Complete offer: €269 per year (€159 for the first year).
MyHeritage mobile application

Our final verdict on MyHeritage DNA

Having your DNA analyzed by MyHeritage is a fun and powerful way to explore your family roots. This service appeals to a wide audience with its accessible, world-renowned analysis method. Thanks to their expertise, users can obtain precise information about their ethnic origins.

Receiving results in video format is a nice touch that makes data interpretation easier for everyone. It’s a visual aid that teaches users about their ethnic composition in a didactic way.

MyHeritage’s other key advantage is that customers can create their own family tree online, free of charge. The use of Family Tree Builder software enriches the user experience, making it easy to visualize and organize family relationships.

As a leader in autosomal DNA testing, MyHeritage’s reliability is unquestionable. Their extensive database and experienced scientific team guarantee in-depth, reliable analysis.

For anyone wishing to find out more about their family history and ethnic origins, choosing MyHeritage means ensuring efficient, user-friendly service. It is obvious that we recommend this laboratory for any genetic exploration aimed at tracing your family heritage.

Geneticists who are experts in their field

MyHeritage stands out for the expertise of its genetics specialists. Its facilities are certified to rigorous standards (CLIA certification), guaranteeing that DNA analyses are carried out by competent, qualified professionals.

Thanks to advanced techniques such as PCR, MyHeritage provides a precise reading of DNA polymorphism. This sophisticated analysis enables users to receive reliable information about their ethnic origins in the form of a detailed map.

To understand this personal data further, a MyHeritage geneticist is available to help customers interpret their DNA results.

Efficient, attentive customer support

offers exceptional customer support, with prompt answers to all your questions. In order to guarantee quality support, we provide several ways to contact our support team:

  • Via mobile app for those on the move;
  • By e-mail for precise written communication;
  • By telephone, call 0 805 08 00 98 for direct contact.

When you are faced with uncertainties or need further explanation of the results of your autosomal DNA kit, the responsiveness of our service is remarkable. Here’s a concrete example: an e-mail sent in the morning received an informed response in the afternoon. This testifies to their commitment to providing fast, efficient support.

Your secure, encrypted information

MyHeritage is committed to preserving the confidentiality and integrity of its members’ information. To achieve this, a range of defensive measures are put in place, including advanced security protocols and regular audits to assess resistance to cyber-attacks.

Managing your personal space is child’s play on MyHeritage, with the power to decide who can access your genetic data. This means you have the exclusive choice of whether to share your genealogical discoveries with other enthusiasts in the field.

A community with a passion for genealogy

MyHeritage DNA stands out as a key player in the field of online genealogy. With its massive database of billions of profiles, this platform occupies a central position in the French market. The richness and breadth of its community are not its only assets: it is also recognized for its active role in family reunions.

On a day-to-day basis, this network enables a considerable number of users to reconnect with relatives who were previously out of touch. This phenomenon is not anecdotal; it illustrates the site’s exceptional ability to forge links between individuals sharing common ancestors.

Exchange and advice are an integral part of the MyHeritage DNA experience, helping to enlighten users about their family history and enrich their family tree. This ongoing interaction fuels a lively dynamic within a community passionate about discovering their origins.