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Igenea is a genetics company founded in 2006. Based in Switzerland, the company has quickly made a name for itself thanks to its innovative approach and cutting-edge DNA testing technology. Igenea’s prestige has crossed European borders to reach a worldwide audience with its precise, high-quality services.

  • Examination by Swiss genealogy specialists
  • Exploring your ancestors going back over 100,000 years
  • The world’s most detailed genetic reports
  • Certified results with total reliability
  • Protecting your personal information
  • Delivery in France
  • Reports do not include health-related analyses

DNA testing and sampling

Taking a DNA test is child’s play and can be done in the comfort of your own home. At Igenea, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to deciphering your genetic heritage: whether via autosomal DNA, the Y chromosome, or mitochondria.

What’s included in a DNA kit

When you place an order with Igenea, the company immediately dispatches what you need to carry out your genetic test. You’ll receive a complete kit, containing everything you need to collect your sample safely and easily. This package includes detailed instructions for use, specially designed containers for collecting the saliva sample, and sticks to facilitate collection.

Next, you’ll be provided with sterilized packaging to ensure optimum preservation of your sample during its return to the laboratory. Customers living in Europe can expect their parcel to arrive within 2 to 4 working days. For addresses outside continental Europe, you will need to allow extra time for travel to Switzerland, where the laboratory is located.

Igenea offers three types of kit to suit different user needs. These options allow you to choose the test that best suits your expectations and curiosity about your genetic heritage.

Basic DNA test

Want to know your roots through DNA? Opt for the Basic test and quickly discover:

  • Your genetic inheritance broken down by percentage.
  • Basic identification of family relationships.
  • A certificate attesting to your results.

It’s the first step towards the exciting adventure of personal genealogy.

Premium DNA test

To find out more about your roots, Igenea’s Premium test is an excellent option. It offers you the unique opportunity to go back to the origins of your lineage and establish extended genealogical connections. In fact, this test enriches the quest for your ancestors by providing a detailed inventory of the populations you come from.

What’s more, additional options allow you to compare your profile with historical or famous figures. To take full advantage of this intriguing possibility, we recommend that you contact Igenea before initiating the procedure.

  • Your genetic inheritance broken down by percentage.
  • Discover some of your ancestry
  • Advanced identification of family relationships.

This genetic exploration goes far beyond the basic information provided in standard offerings and promises an enriching and revealing experience for those intrigued by their heredity and eager to learn more about their personal genetic heritage.

Expert DNA test

Discover your deepest roots with the Expert test, which reveals your complete ancestral heritage. By exploring the unknown branches of your family tree, this service enables you to precisely identify your ancestors and the multiplicity of ethnic groups to which you have belonged since prehistoric times.

You’ll benefit from exclusive access to a vast genealogical database. The laboratory then highlights:

  • Your genetic composition detailed in percentages,
  • An exhaustive inventory of your family lineage,
  • The totality of the cultures and peoples from which you come,

As a bonus, receive an official certificate attesting to your varied origins after thorough analysis. Dive into the fascinating adventure of personal discovery, enriched by the cutting-edge scientific knowledge of Igenea DNA testing.

DNA sampling

Two main procedures can be used to verify an individual’s genetic origin. The first is based on sampling cells from inside the mouth using a cotton swab. The second, considered more accessible, simply requires a saliva sample.

Igenea has chosen the latter option for its DNA tests, to guarantee flawless reliability. This choice offers several significant advantages:

  • Shipment is by conventional mail.
  • This test can be performed in the comfort of your own home.
  • There is no pain associated with the process, as no blood is drawn.

Its simplified, non-invasive use makes Igenea’s product particularly attractive for those who want to know their ancestry without major constraints.

The performance achieved

To guarantee a thorough analysis, please allow between six and eight weeks after dispatch of your DNA sample. This is the time needed for the laboratory to carry out a thorough examination and ensure the accuracy of the information provided.

Once this step has been completed, your genetic data is compiled in an exclusive document, the personal certificate. It can be easily consulted online, giving you fast, unrestricted access to your information.

Haplogroup results

A haplogroup groups individuals according to their common genetic heritage. It’s like a vast section of the human family tree, allowing you to trace your distant ancestors.

Igenea offers the possibility of studying your haplogroup to find out more about your ancestral origins. This company stands out for its ability to provide detailed analysis thanks to an exhaustive database.

More in-depth analyses are reserved for the premium and expert offers, as the basic level does not include this valuable data. By opting for the expert kit, you’ll receive a complete report that sheds light on the specific traits linked to your maternal and paternal lineages.

Discover your ancestry

When you take a DNA test with Igenea, you’ll receive a detailed report that includes a map showing your ancestors and the proportion of each of your origins. This unique service goes beyond modern boundaries, linking your genetic code to ancient populations. Whichever option you choose, whether it’s the basic, intermediate or advanced package, Igenea offers you the possibility of going back in time to discover which ethnic groups of the past you are linked to, thanks to the in-depth analysis of your DNA and haplogroup profile.

Identify living relatives

With Igenea‘s services, plunge into the discovery of your roots and establish current family connections thanks to DNA analysis. This Swiss company goes beyond simple genealogical tracing by also offering you the possibility of identifying and contacting living distant relatives who share a common genetic fingerprint with you.

The advantages of such a service are manifold. You’ll receive an exhaustive report, dissecting every aspect of your genetic heritage. What’s more, if you have any questions or need assistance, a team of professionals is ready to support you.

The panel of results offered by Igenea is designed to be diversified: discover not only your close family ties, but also your haplogroup and the ethnic composition that makes up your unique heritage. In short, a concrete way to forge links with the family past and present.

How much does a DNA test at Igenea cost?

Igenea DNA test prices

Genetic analysis in a laboratory can be expensive, with prices starting at a few hundred euros and reaching or exceeding a thousand for in-depth tests. What’s more, it often involves making an appointment and travelling.

Igenea offers a practical alternative with its do-it-yourself kits, available for purchase directly from your home. Three options are available:

  • The Igenea Basic kit is priced at €199.
  • For a more advanced analysis, the Igenea Premium kit costs €549.
  • And for those seeking the highest level of expertise, the Igenea Expert kit is available for €1499.

To make this service as accessible as possible, we accept several payment methods: traditional billing, MasterCard, Visa and even Paypal.

Our opinion of Igenea

Igenea represents Swiss excellence in expertise, offering professional services. This laboratory has established itself as a reliable reference, with a team of experts always ready to guide you.

Its DNA tests stand out for their completeness and reliability, often surpassing those of competitors such as MyHeritage or 23andMe. Attention to detail and customer care are strong hallmarks of Igenea’s proposition.

Another major strength of the laboratory is its unwavering commitment to the protection of personal data, an aspect that concerns us all greatly. This provides users with considerable peace of mind in today’s context, where confidentiality is paramount.

Reliability of results

We are particularly impressed by the credibility of Igenea’s analyses. Their commitment to providing accurate information is evident from the fact that their database is updated daily to incorporate recent scientific advances.

The aspect that appealed to us was Igenea’s assurance of test reliability. They undertake to repeat the tests free of charge if necessary, ensuring total satisfaction at no extra cost to their customers. This demonstrates a level of trust and outstanding customer service that we’re delighted to find in this field.

Security & privacy

The company’s commitment to excellence is underpinned by compliance with Swiss data confidentiality standards. We rely on the strict guidelines established by legislation to offer our customers unwavering confidence.

Analysis and assessment protocols are rigorously conducted in a controlled environment, guaranteeing the reliability of results. Laboratory certification is an undeniable guarantee of the seriousness and expertise of the teams in charge.