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Renowned for its expertise in genealogy, Ancestry DNA is distinguished by the breadth of its collection of historical archives. It offers precise autosomal DNA analysis, and also enables users to build their own family tree thanks to easy access to exclusive online historical documents.

  • The world’s largest collection of historical data
  • Offers an excellent balance between quality and price
  • Build a detailed, in-depth family tree
  • Responsive, professional customer support
  • Relatively long waiting time for results
  • No Y-DNA or mitochondrial testing

Ancestry DNA, a major player on the North American market, is aimed at anyone interested in tracing their family lineage. However, it is important to note that their DNA kits cannot be shipped to France. In this case, people living in France wishing to undergo genetic testing can turn to Quick DNA.

If you’re interested in a deep dive into your family history, and aren’t constrained by kit delivery geography, Ancestry DNA could well be the ideal choice for discovering your genetic origins while building a complex and rich family panorama.

Ancestry DNA: Presentation

Ancestry DNA, a branch of the renowned Ancestry company, is a world leader in DNA testing and genealogy. Founded to help people discover their genetic and family heritage, Ancestry DNA has revolutionized the way people explore their personal history. With millions of customers worldwide, Ancestry DNA offers DNA testing services that reveal information about ethnic origins, family ties and ancestral lineages.

A key moment in Ancestry DNA’s history was its acquisition of Geneanet in 2021, a renowned European genealogy platform. This acquisition not only extended Ancestry DNA’s reach in Europe, but also strengthened its genealogical database, enabling deeper exploration of family roots for its users.

DNA testing, sampling and results

To explore your roots and better understand your family tree, Ancestry DNA offers state-of-the-art DNA testing. Find out exactly where you come from with a DNA ancestry test or learn about health-related issues with a DNA health test. These advanced analyses open the door to unexpected discoveries, such as linking up with previously unknown family members. By choosing these reliable scientific methods, delve deep into your family heritage and build bridges to your ancestors.

DNA Autosomal test

Discover the secrets of your DNA with Ancestry DNA. Our in-depth examination of your autosomal DNA sample reveals your roots, tracing family history and any links to distant cousins. Both men and women can benefit from this test to illuminate their ancestral past.

Our exhaustive database, enriched with over 24 billion documents, is used to decipher your genetic heritage. It opens a window on genealogy and weaves a detailed picture of family connections scattered across the globe.

DNA sampling

To obtain your genetic profile from Ancestry DNA, you will need to provide a saliva sample. This method is practical and non-invasive.

The analyses carried out by Ancestry DNA are very comparable to those offered by other companies specializing in genetic genealogy, such as MyHeritage or Family Tree DNA. Whether using a cheek swab or direct saliva sampling, both techniques have proved extremely accurate, thanks to recent technological advances.

In conclusion, these tests offer guaranteed reliability, often reaching 99% and sometimes even approaching perfection.

The results

Following an in-depth examination of our genetic code by an American company, we received a document certifying our various ancestries. The latter revealed not only our own ethnic make-up, but also the history of the peoples from whom we come, and the family ties woven across the globe.

By adding the modest sum of $20 when ordering the test, it is possible to obtain a complementary report revealing the influence of our DNA on several aspects of your physiognomy.

The results showed unexpected common ancestors with those indicated by a competing service. For example, a significant amount of Russian ancestry was found in one of the participants, and Native American roots in another.

After our sample was sent for analysis, we had to wait 6 weeks for the final report.

Family tree software

Ancestry DNA stands out for its ability to build your own family tree. By providing your data to this platform, you benefit from privileged access to a myriad of historical and personal resources.

The breadth of information available is considerable, thanks to the contributions of millions of people who have already set up their trees on the site. You’ll find over 330 million digitized images and documents to enrich your own family history.

The design of your tree is facilitated using pre-designed models proposed by the service. These tools are designed to simplify the creation and structuring of your genealogical project.

A handy feature offered by Ancestry DNA is the easy import of GEDCOM files, a standard format for genealogical files, allowing data to be easily transferred between different platforms to continually refine your ancestral tree.

Start your genealogical research

Start your quest for origins with Ancestry DNA and its innovative mapping tool. As you delve into this resource, you’ll discover a wealth of documents essential to tracing your family’s history. Provide some basic information such as your full name, place of residence and date of birth, and let the magic happen: Ancestry DNA will filter its databases to present you with a relevant selection of potential ancestors and corresponding supporting documents.

What’s the price?

For those interested in exploring their family tree, Ancestry DNA simplifies the process by offering two clear and straightforward solutions:

  • The first package for autosomal DNA testing is priced at $99, with the option of adding a supplement for a detailed report on personal traits for an additional $20.
  • The second package, Ancestry Health, is priced at $149 and offers an additional layer of health-related information. These tests are designed to provide relevant data to individuals wishing to better understand their biological heredity.

There is also a well-established subscription structure for accessing genealogical archives:

  • French users can take advantage of certain data free of charge but will have to take out a specific subscription for full access: either a monthly plan of €4.95 or an annual plan of €19.95 for documents relating exclusively to France.
  • If, on the other hand, your curiosity extends beyond France, and you wish to delve into an international document database containing over twenty billion documents from a multitude of countries (over 80), the Deluxe World option is available. This more extensive package costs either €21.96 per month, or an economical option if you opt for the annual commitment with a reduced rate of €16.66 per month.

It is with these diversified formulas that we highlight our commitment to accessible, in-depth genealogical research, while maintaining a transparent pricing structure.

Ancestry DNA commitments

If your Ancestry DNA package is lost or stolen, rest assured, they’ll send you a new kit free of charge. The delivery went off without a hitch, with the parcel arriving at its destination on time.

For a better user experience, AncestryDNA has developed an intuitive mobile application that simplifies the process for genealogists, especially when access to a computer is not possible.

What’s more, the Ancestry DNA community is particularly dynamic and involved. Through their blog, packed with a wide variety of articles, users can find answers to their questions and benefit from expert advice to help them with their genealogical research.

Our opinion of Ancestry DNA

Ancestry DNA has distinguished itself as a leading laboratory, combining precision and reliability in its analyses. Users have appreciated the feedback from the DNA tests offered by the company thanks to an interactive and enriching presentation that goes beyond what is offered by other players in the market.

The results are particularly comprehensive regarding Amerindian ancestry, offering a better understanding of this specific aspect of the users’ genetic heritage.

Another strong point is the support provided in tracing the family history. With its exceptional database, Ancestry DNA is the leader for those wishing to flesh out their family tree with a wealth of relevant information.

However, it is important to note that Ancestry DNA kits are not available in France. For those wishing to carry out a DNA test from France, we recommend the alternative: the services of the laboratory Quick DNA

Leading U.S. genetics laboratory

Founded several decades ago, Ancestry DNA has moved away from its literary origins to embrace the digital age with an innovative offering: DNA testing. These high-tech analyses scan over 700,000 genetic markers to provide a detailed picture of an individual’s ethnic and geographic origins.

Today, the company stands out as a benchmark in its field, operating on a global scale with professionals scattered across the four corners of the globe. The popularity of its services is undeniable; it has already assisted over 16 million curious people in their quest for identity.

Users also benefit from privileged access to a vast collection of online archives. This wealth of documentation is a major asset for those wishing to refine the branches of their family tree and understand the historical context surrounding the lives of their ancestors.

Worldwide genealogy project: World Archives Project

The AncestryDNA initiative has launched a remarkable program, known as WAP, to contribute to the preservation and universal access of genealogical data. The project invites family history enthusiasts to get involved on a voluntary basis in building a global repository of digital archives. Far from being limited to the results of a standard genetic test, it enables individuals to join a community committed to historical research and thus support the genealogical field.

What’s particularly fascinating about this initiative is that it gives everyone the chance to play an active part in scientific progress. By making this altruistic gesture, participants provide invaluable assistance not only to genealogical researchers, but also to anyone wishing to trace their lineage and family roots. It’s a process that enriches our collective understanding of the past, while forging strong links between family history enthusiasts the world over.

Ancestry vs. MyHeritage: Who to choose?

AncestryDNA gives you access to an unrivalled collection of genealogical records. This platform is also equipped to help you create your family tree, with practical templates.

From MyHeritage although the quantity of information is less than Ancestry DNA, they stand out for the quality and speed of their DNA analysis service. Their results are often ready within three to four weeks, presenting a more detailed report.

Ancestry DNA