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In a world where genetics is central to understanding our origins, Nebula Genomics stands out as a key supplier of DNA sequencing. Their accessible services democratize genetic testing while ensuring maximum protection of personal data thanks to the innovative use of blockchain. The reports provided by Nebula Genomics are remarkably accurate, reflecting the rigor of the process that involves repeated genome sequencing. They provide users with in-depth information about their ancestors and their health, opening the door to a better-adapted life in terms of both diet and sport.

  • Complete genome analysis for in-depth results
  • Precise, scientifically validated results, verified up to 100 times over
  • Data security and confidentiality ensured by blockchain technology
  • Comprehensive pedigree report provided by tests
  • Studying the oral microbiome to assess health
  • Full fitness report
  • Access to a vast scientific library updated weekly
  • Providing advanced tools for genomic exploration
  • Requires paid subscription for ongoing access to results
  • Occasional complexity in understanding results
  • Results provided in English only
  • Lack of tools for genealogical research

The user experience at Nebula Genomics tends towards excellence, but what is it really like? Feedback highlights its reliability and dependability. Our analysis therefore reveals that this provider was able to meet the expectations placed in its innovative promises.

This laboratory also highlights a unique aspect: the power given to everyone over his or her own genetic information. A welcome initiative is that of allowing individuals to monetize their data if they choose to share it with scientific research.

For those looking for a convenient alternative for a quick autosomal DNA test in France, the original DNA test Quick DNA is still a recommended option.

Nebula Genomics : Presentation

In 2018, a revolution in genomics was born under the aegis of Dr. George Church, an emblematic figure in this science since the 1980s. This is how Nebula Genomics was born, with the ambition of being at the cutting edge of genetic sequencing.

The major innovation offered by this laboratory lies in its unique ability to fully decipher the code at the heart of our DNA. This feat opens new doors to understanding our deepest biology.

Nebula Genomics’ credo? Making genetic analysis more accessible while preserving the privacy of personal data. The use of blockchain technology is an asset in this quest for seamless confidentiality. As a result, everyone can explore their genetic heritage with peace of mind, while scientific research benefits from a substantial reservoir of relevant, secure information.

DNA tests offered by Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics offers a range of innovative genetic tests, each providing distinct information to explore your heritage and health. Their services are available in three versions: the standard version, the Deep version and the Ultra-deep option.

  • The standard version is a convenient starting point for those wishing to access basic genomic data with 2 GB of collected information. It includes an autosome study to provide a general overview of your ancestors.
  • For more advanced analysis, Nebula Genomics offers the Deep version, which explores the complete genome sequencing with 100 GB of data. This option adds mitochondrial and Y-chromosome analyses to the ancestry report, increasing the accuracy obtained by a factor of 30 compared to the standard formula.
  • The Ultra-deep offer reaches the pinnacle of analysis depth, with no less than 300 GB of data. This means greater precision, a hundred times greater than standard testing, guaranteeing meticulous exploration of both common and rare mutations in your DNA.

Whichever option you choose, you’ll have access to the tools you need to navigate your genetic information and understand the implications for your well-being, thanks also to the inclusion of oral microbiome testing in every Nebula Genomics package.

Standard DNA test

Discover the mysteries of your heredity with the Standard DNA kit from Nebula Genomics. This service analyzes DNA to reveal key information about your family origins and offers insight into diseases to which you may be predisposed. The study also looks at other genetic characteristics.

You can count on Nebula’s rigorous quadrupling of sequencing checks to guarantee flawless reliability of results. The product doesn’t just look at your genes; it goes a step further by also examining the microbiome associated with your genetic heritage.

When you choose this device, be prepared to dive into an in-depth exploration that may well shed light on certain aspects of your biological identity and help to better guide your health choices.

Deep DNA test

With the Deep DNA kit, dive into the heart of your genetic heritage. This advanced test is the key to deciphering a wealth of information hidden in your genes with unprecedented finesse. Explore the depths of your heredity and discover the unique ties that bind you to your ancestors.

Deep DNA test

If you’re curious about the secrets of mitochondrial and chromosomal DNA, this is the kit for you. It doesn’t just fly over your genetic code, but scrutinizes it meticulously, highlighting uncommon variants and clarifying your ancestral origins.

The seriousness of the laboratory guarantees reliable results: 30 analyses are carried out on each sample to ensure that nothing is left to chance. With Nebula Genomics, opening the door to the past becomes a captivating scientific journey, where each discovery is a step towards self-understanding.

Ultra-Deep DNA test

With Nebula Genomics, discover the most advanced genetic test available. Their Ultra Deep kit goes beyond the ordinary by scrutinizing your genetic make-up. Imagine having an informed view of your 20,000 genes, including even the least common variants.

Ultra Deep DNA test

This analysis doesn’t just fly over; it dives into the depths with impressive meticulousness, repeating the process up to 100 times to guarantee the reliability of the results obtained. You won’t just have numbers and codes in front of you, but a set of tools designed to help you navigate through the vast ocean of data contained in your DNA.

And if you’re curious about the microorganisms that live with you, a look at your oral microbiome is also included. Such exploration opens up a whole new personal and biological map.

How do I take a DNA test with Nebula Genomics?

Registration and kit purchase

To begin, register on the laboratory’s website by providing your personal data. Once your registration has been validated, select the genetic test of your choice, which will be sent to you at home for sampling.

When you receive the kit, it’s crucial to note the unique numbers associated with the sample vials, which are essential for the next step. You’ll also need to provide details of your medical history and current state of health.

Sample collection and dispatch

For DNA testing from the comfort of your own home, the Nebula Genomics kit is the ideal tool. It includes everything you need to collect your sample quickly and hassle-free: a cheek swab to collect saliva and a special container to store the sample safely. What’s more, you’ll benefit from a clear guide detailing every step you need to take, as well as a prepaid envelope for US residents.

Here’s how it works:

  • First, make sure you don’t eat or drink in the previous hour.
  • Then gently sweep the inside of your cheek with the swab provided for one minute.
  • Dip it into the dedicated container after use.
  • Separate the used part from the rest of the stick at the level indicated.
  • Carefully place the closed container in the enclosed plastic bag.
  • Finally, send your sample by post.

Receipt of results

After submitting your saliva samples, expect to receive the results of your genetic analysis within 8 to 14 weeks. The partnership with the Chinese group BGI explains the time needed for DNA sequencing. An e-mail notification will be sent to you as soon as the examination is completed. To access and retrieve your detailed genetic data, you need to log in to your personal space on Nebula. Don’t forget to activate your sampling kit beforehand, so you can take full advantage of the information provided.

The results

Nebula Genomics reveals a detailed panorama of your heredity thanks to its DNA analysis.

Information on ethnic origins

With the DNA test offered by Nebula Genomics, you can discover the many facets of your origins, both ethnic and geographical, and follow the thread of travel that has contributed to your family history.

This service goes a step further, revealing physical characteristics passed down from your ancestors, such as skin pigmentation or hair texture. Thanks to an in-depth comparison with a worldwide DNA database called Y Full, you’ll even can link up with family members you may not have known.

With a simple analysis, reap a wealth of information about what makes you unique, and connect with others who share a piece of your genetic history.

Information on health and hereditary diseases

The Nebula Genomics test is a mine of information on genetic predisposition to hereditary diseases. It offers insights into sensitivity to alcohol, reaction to caffeine, nicotine and pain. In addition, it provides data on physical aspects such as visual or sleep disorders and skin sensitivity, enabling you to make informed decisions about your health.

Report on dietary predispositions

This test sheds light on genetic food predispositions, from intolerances and sensitivities to taste preferences. The results can guide dietary choices for better health, revealing things like lactose intolerance, sweet tooth tendencies, or specific vitamin B12, C and D needs.

Microbiome analysis

Nebula Genomics provides a detailed analysis of your oral microbiome, essential for detecting bacteria causing dental problems such as cavities. This study goes a step further by examining the links between oral bacteria and serious conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes or irritable bowel disease, offering an overview of how your microbiome can influence your overall health.

Data recovery at Nebula Genomics

Once the laboratory has decoded your DNA, you are free to download all the data via your personal online space. We ensure that this valuable information is classified and accessible in a variety of formats for optimum use:

  • The CRAM, a compact version of the BAM file, reassembles your genome.
  • The CRAI acts as an index for browsing the CRAM file.
  • FASTQs contain your sequencing results in plain text format.
  • The VCF also lists the specific variations of your genes in text form.
  • The TBI is used to efficiently index VCF data.

These tools are essential for those wishing to preserve their information or share it with experts and other entities specialized in genomics. To explore your hereditary characteristics even further, consider our premium offer of in-depth analysis.

The qualities of Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics stands out for its unique qualities.

Multiple whole-genome sequencing

Nebula Genomics performs an in-depth analysis of the genome, sequencing it 4, 30 and 100 times, guaranteeing highly accurate results. The laboratory uses state-of-the-art Illumina technology to examine saliva samples, revealing detailed information about your origins and ancestry. The analysis includes careful sequencing of the Y and mitochondrial chromosomes for even more precise results.

The research library

The Nebula Genomics library is a comprehensive resource, containing a multitude of genetic reports updated weekly. These documents cover a wide range of genetic characteristics, from ancestry to medical predispositions. Each report includes a summary of the study concerned, a detailed description of the genetic trait studied, and information on the corresponding genetic variants.

Users can discover their propensity for different traits based on percentile scores, compared with those of other participants. The platform is designed for easy navigation, with filtering and bookmarking features, enabling a complete and personalized exploration of their genetic heritage.

Data reliability and accuracy

Nebula Genomics is renowned for the exceptional reliability and accuracy of its DNA tests. The company employs state-of-the-art technologies and rigorous analysis protocols to guarantee the authenticity of results. Each test accurately reflects an individual’s unique genetic make-up.

Advanced sequencing technology

To ensure accurate results, Nebula Genomics uses next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, capable of analyzing the entire genome in a single day from saliva and oral cell samples. What’s more, based on the latest version of the Human Genome Project (hg38), Nebula Genomics can examine both coding and non-coding regions of the genome, offering in-depth analysis of ancestry and health aspects. The partnership with BGI Group enables Nebula to offer these in-depth analyses at an affordable price.

Commitment to confidentiality and data security

Data security is a top priority for Nebula Genomics. The company applies strict security measures, including the use of blockchain technology, to ensure confidentiality and prevent unauthorized access. This technology enables precise tracking of consent parameters and access history, thus increasing transparency.

Although users have the option of sharing certain data via social networks or Nebula surveys, the company undertakes never to divulge information to third parties without explicit consent. Data used for statistical purposes is always processed anonymously and aggregated, guaranteeing maximum protection of privacy.

Cost of DNA kits offered by Nebula Genomics

Nebula Genomics stands out in the market for the quality and depth of its DNA analyses, and this is reflected in its prices.

  • The Standard kit is priced at $99
  • The Deep kit is available at $249
  • The Ultra Deep kit is priced at $899

These prices correspond to the accuracy and richness of the data provided. However, it’s important to note that a monthly subscription is required to access the latest scientific discoveries related to your genome.

Payment options and refund policy

Nebula Genomics offers a variety of payment methods to facilitate your purchases, including Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, as well as AMEX, MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Nebula Genomics’ refund policy is quite strict. Once the order has been shipped and confirmed, refunds are no longer possible. If the kit is not received, a replacement is sent. Samples not returned within 6 months are not subject to analysis or refund. Nebula Genomics is not responsible for late cancellation fees for Nebula Explore subscriptions. Subscription fees for 4x sequencing are annual and refundable under specific conditions.

Our review of Nebula Genomics

We consider Nebula Genomics to be a wise choice for those seeking detailed and secure genetic analysis. Setting itself apart from its rivals, Nebula Genomics employs advanced methods for complete genomic sequencing in a single day. The laboratory’s approach of checking data up to 100 times guarantees highly accurate results.

Nebula Genomics excels in pedigree analysis, oral health assessments and fitness evaluations. Technologies such as blockchain are used for enhanced privacy protection. Nevertheless, a 14-week wait for results may seem excessive to some.

User feedback

User reviews of Nebula Genomics are varied. On platforms such as Trustpilot, many customers praise the accuracy and depth of the analyses. One user commented on Nebula’s ability to provide comprehensive details, including comparisons of its DNA with health studies.

However, there was some criticism of the long delivery times. Although Nebula provides in-depth genetic information, some users would like more genealogical data.

Nebula Genomics