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Living DNA offers detailed DNA analyses that can shed light on ethnic origins and ancestral migration. These tests are particularly relevant for those looking to deepen their British or Irish lineage, even if creating a complete family tree is not possible with their kits. Despite their higher cost, they offer an interesting alternative for those wishing to find out more about their family history.

  • Detailed analysis results by world region
  • Comprehensive, integrated platform
  • Tailor-made recommendations for every user
  • Access to in-depth medical information
  • Anonymous data processing
  • Lack of support for family tree creation
  • Higher costs than competitors
  • Results provided in English only

Founded in 2004, this British laboratory focuses on connecting people around the world through common genetic links. By aiming to build a vast global family tree, Living DNA also aims to foster family reunions and promote a healthy lifestyle through its wellness kits.

DNA tests offered by Living DNA

The laboratory offers a range of DNA tests in three packs, designed to meet the specific needs of each individual.

DNA test for ethnic origins

Discover the history of your ancestors with the Ethnic Origins DNA Kit. This analysis reveals the diversity of your origins over time. When you choose Living DNA, you benefit from a detailed approach, subdivided into 150 geographic zones to refine your ethnic map.

DNA Ancestry kit

More than just knowing your roots, Living DNA offers you the chance to join a wider family network. You’ll be able to identify and communicate with people who share similar genetic links. Enjoy a complete and enriching experience as you explore your genetic heritage on their interactive platform.

The Neanderthal option of the Ethnic Origins DNA Kit offers a fascinating exploration of prehistoric ancestry, revealing the genetic links between modern individuals and archaic human species such as Neanderthals and Denisovans. This analysis goes back 80,000 years and provides specific scores indicating the similarity of your DNA to that of these ancient species. Beyond simple results, it enriches your understanding of human history, highlighting interactions between distinct species over time and adding a historical and cultural dimension to your genetic heritage.

Wellness DNA test

The DNA well-being kit lets you unlock the secrets of your own body. By performing a detailed analysis, you’ll discover how your metabolism processes essential nutrients and reacts to complex proteins such as gluten or lactose. Thanks to a personalized approach, the platform provides specific recommendations for your physical activity and diet.

DNA Wellbeing kit

This kit guides you in discovering training and recovery methods that match your unique genetic profile. It also offers tailor-made nutritional advice, aligned with your specific biological needs.

By understanding how your diet influences your DNA, you’ll gain a unique perspective on how your food choices affect your overall well-being. Use this scientific information to take charge of your health, following a path mapped out by your own genes towards a healthier, more balanced life.

Ethnic Origins DNA Test Pack + Wellness DNA Test

If you’re on a quest to understand your roots and optimize your well-being, opt for our complete DNA analysis package. It’s not just a way to unravel the mystery of your family origins; it’s also a guide to better health. Through personalized advice, based on how your body assimilates certain nutrients such as gluten or lactose, this tool aims to be an ally for a healthier life.

By choosing this service, you’ll benefit from tailor-made recommendations for adjusting your diet and physical activity. This not only helps to reveal the history of your ancestors, but also to identify your own body’s specificities when it comes to vitamins and other essential food components.

Taking care of yourself starts with knowing your genetic past as well as your body’s contemporary needs, and that’s exactly what this advanced pack offers.

DNA testing with Living DNA

You’ve opted for a Living DNA kit and you’re ready to learn more about your origins and the impact of food on your body. The process is simple and painless. All you need to do is use a swab, like a giant cotton bud, to collect a sample of saliva from the inside of your cheek.

Once this sample has been taken, place it in the glass tube provided, and make sure to associate the numbers on the tube with your personal account. Then send this material to the laboratory by post, using the pre-addressed envelope provided.

Then be patient: after 6 to 8 weeks, consult the detailed findings via your personal space on the Living DNA website. This is where you’ll find all the information about your DNA tests and be able to access the fascinating knowledge they reveal.

The results obtained with Living DNA

Percentage of genes by geographical area

With Living DNA, discover the composition of your genetic make-up through advanced DNA analysis. You’ll receive a detailed map showing the different portions of your genes, broken down by global geographic zone. This panorama reveals precise percentages attributed to each ethnic region identified in your genomic profile.

This graphic representation offers a clear understanding of your ancestral roots, highlighting each of the ethnic groups present in your lineage. It’s an effective visual tool that sheds light on the multiple and diverse heritage inscribed in your DNA.

Geographical history

The DNA Ancestry Kit allows you to discover the history of your ancestors going back 10 generations. It also offers the possibility of following the migratory path of your lineage from regions such as Africa, Europe or the British Isles.

Finding long-lost relatives

With DNA analysis, it’s now easy to find out who your relatives are, right down to the most distant family ties. Science now makes it possible to reveal connections with a variety of relatives, including those yet unknown, thanks to the in-depth study of haplogroups provided by the laboratory. You might be surprised to identify cousins, or even trace ancestors back to an impressive level of kinship.

Living DNA rates

The offer features three DNA kit variants.

  • The ethnic origins DNA test is available for 99 euros.
  • The DNA test for ethnic origins + Neanderthal is also available at 99 euros.
  • The DNA well-being test is priced at 129 euros.
  • The ethnic origins DNA test + well-being DNA test pack is available at 179 euros.

By choosing one of these options, customers benefit from privileged access to a platform and personalized assistance from attentive professionals.

The services offered therefore guarantee not only in-depth exploration of the genetic heritage, but also support tailored to the individual needs of users.

Customer service

If you have any questions or need help with your purchases, their customer service is always available to assist you. Before, during or even after your purchase, they are ready to answer all your questions. For personalized advice, you can easily access a dedicated advisor via their online platform, who undertakes to respond in detail to all your queries.

Their website is designed for intuitive navigation, allowing you to benefit from personalized support tailored specifically to your needs. Their team is constantly listening to ensure a smooth and enjoyable user experience, making your interaction with their services as easy and satisfying as possible.

Data protection

At Living DNA, protecting your personal information is paramount. The company is committed to not commercializing your data, which is secured with the utmost care. Strict measures are taken to guarantee your anonymity when information is consulted by researchers for scientific purposes. Security is a matter of honor for the laboratory, ensuring that your privacy remains inviolable.

Our opinion on Living DNA

If you’re looking for an in-depth understanding of your heredity and relevant information to improve your well-being, the Living DNA laboratory is a wise choice. The latter stands out for its comprehensive approach to genetic testing, offering you not only to discover your ethnic roots, but also to establish potential family links.

Exploring the migration history of your ancestors becomes a fascinating adventure with the services offered here. More than a simple analysis, it’s a true quest for identity that opens to you on several continents. And that’s not all: Living DNA goes further, also shedding light on the interactions between genetics, diet and exercise. So, adopting a healthier lifestyle is made much easier thanks to the precise data provided by their Wellness DNA kit.

Admittedly, these detailed examinations are more expensive, but they are still affordable, given the added value they bring to your day-to-day life. The platform’s appeal lies in its ease of use and technological innovations that simplify results tracking and encourage interaction with other users.

For those living in France who wish to proceed with a DNA analysis without delay, the laboratory Quick DNA laboratory can be considered as an effective alternative, thanks to its reactivity and efficiency in delivering results.

Choosing between Living DNA and MyHeritage DNA

MyHeritage is an invaluable tool for those wishing to explore their roots and refine their family history. This service allows you to build your own family tree, providing information on ancestral origins.

On the other hand, Living DNA stands out for its ability to deliver ethnic information in detail. Although it doesn’t offer a tool for managing a family tree, it does excel at DNA assessment of certain dietary particularities, offering a deeper insight into our individual biology.

Living DNA