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The Genealogist is a website dedicated to genealogical research. Specializing in British archives, The Genealogist stands out for its ability to offer in-depth access to the UK’s historical data. Whether you’re an amateur looking to trace your family history or an experienced researcher, this site offers a range of invaluable resources.

  • Extensive collection of British historical data
  • Integrated DNA testing
  • Innovative research tools
  • Focus on the United Kingdom
  • Complexity of certain tools for beginners

The Genealogist: Presentation

The Genealogist is a British genealogy website founded in January 2006. It is managed by Genealogy Supplies (Jersey) Ltd, part of the S&N Group. The site allows you to search for genealogical records in the UK, including complete censuses of England and Wales from 1841 to 1911, as well as indexes to vital records.

The company was formed by Susan and Nigel Bayley and began with a volunteer project to index the 1891 census, which led The Genealogist to evolve into one of the leading providers of genealogical data. The site has constantly expanded its data collections, integrating both traditional registers and digital resources.

The Genealogist has established itself as a key player in the world of online genealogy, particularly for those researching ancestors in the UK. This platform combines innovative technology and extensive historical archives to deliver a rich, in-depth genealogical research experience.

Services offered by The Genealogist

The Genealogist offers a wide range of genealogical research services. This platform is designed to help users trace their family history, thanks to advanced search tools and a vast collection of historical data.

Archive search

The Genealogist’s main strength lies in its ability to provide access to British historical archives. Available document types include:

  • Census registers: for tracing ancestors in historical censuses.
  • Parish registers: essential for finding birth, marriage and death records before the introduction of civil status.
  • Military records: providing valuable information on ancestors who served in the British armed forces.

Creating family trees

The Genealogist offers an interactive tool for creating family trees. Users can start with themselves and gradually add family members, based on data found in the archives.

DNA testing

In collaboration with FamilyTreeDNA The Genealogist offers a variety of DNA tests to aid genealogical research. These tests include:

  • Autosomal DNA (Family Finder): explore ancestors on both sides of the family.
  • Mitochondrial DNA: to trace the maternal line.
  • Y-chromosomal DNA: for men wishing to explore their paternal lineage.

Intelligent search

The site incorporates intelligent search functions, enabling you to broaden your search results from a single record. For example, a search of a marriage record may reveal the births of children from this union.

Backup and printing

To facilitate discovery management, The Genealogist offers document saving and printing options. Users can download images or extracts and add them to their research diary or family tree.

Search for ancestors in 5 steps


Search for a specific address by county and street name, e.g. Park Avenue.

Key words

Search for a person using keywords such as their occupation, for example, baker.


Search for a family by first and last name, for example, Bill, Victoria and Jeff Black.

Map explorer

Locate your ancestors’ archives using georeferenced historical maps.

Associated records

Smart Search finds related records for you, such as children from a marriage record.

Specific features of The Genealogist

The Genealogist stands out in the online genealogy market for several unique features that enrich the user experience. These features make The Genealogist the platform of choice for genealogy enthusiasts, especially those interested in British ancestors.

Unique features

  • Smart Search: The Genealogist features an advanced search system that allows users to find related information from a single record. For example, a marriage record can be used to find the birth certificates of the children born of this union.
  • Historical map integration: One of the outstanding features is the integration of historical maps, allowing users to see where their ancestors lived and how areas have evolved over time.
  • Save and share options: Users can easily save, print and share found documents, making it easier to collaborate and preserve genealogical discoveries.

Extended British Archives

While this may be seen as a limitation for some, The Genealogist’s specialization in British archives is in fact a distinctive strength. This focus enables us to offer detailed, in-depth archives specific to the UK, which are often difficult to find elsewhere.

Collaboration with Family Tree DNA

Collaboration with Family Tree DNA adds an extra dimension to genealogical research. DNA tests offered via The Genealogist can help supplement information found in historical archives, providing a more complete picture of family history.

Support and educational resources

The Genealogist is more than just a research platform; it also offers considerable support to its users. This includes guides, tutorials and responsive customer service to help both beginners and experienced genealogists.

Prices at The Genealogist

The Genealogist offers various subscription levels and pricing options, giving users flexibility to suit their needs and budget. This section details these different options to help users choose the most suitable plan for their genealogical research.

Subscriptions and options

  • Subscription packages: The Genealogist offers several subscription levels, each providing access to different data sets. These levels include:
    • BMD Index: This basic package provides access to birth, marriage and death indexes for England and Wales.
    • Starter: Ideal for beginners, offering access to basic data, including censuses and some parish registers.
    • Gold: An intermediate level that includes everything in the Starter plus additional records, such as military files.
    • Diamond: The most comprehensive package, offering access to all data, including specialized archives and historical maps.
  • DNA tests: In partnership with Family Tree DNA, The Genealogist offers DNA tests at various levels of detail and price, enabling more detailed analysis of the family lineage.
  • Credit system: For those who don’t wish to take out a monthly subscription, The Genealogist offers a credit system, enabling you to purchase access to specific data on a one-off basis.

Cost comparison

The choice between these options will depend on the user’s specific needs and the desired search depth. The prices vary according to subscription level with more economical options for beginners and more comprehensive packages for advanced researchers.

Data security

Data security is a major concern in today’s digital world, especially when it comes to personal and sensitive information such as genealogical data. The Genealogist attaches the utmost importance to the protection and confidentiality of its users’ data.

Security and privacy

  • Protection of personal data: The Genealogist implements robust security measures to protect personal data against unauthorized access. This includes the use of advanced encryption protocols and security systems.
  • Confidentiality of information: The platform ensures that users’ personal information is not shared or sold to third parties. Confidentiality of searches and results is maintained, giving users peace of mind.
  • User Control over Data: Users of The Genealogist have total control over their data. They can choose to share or hide certain information in their public family trees.

DNA test safety

For DNA tests carried out through Family Tree DNA, additional measures are taken to ensure the security and confidentiality of genetic information:

  • Each test kit receives a unique identifier, guaranteeing the user’s anonymity.
  • Genetic information is not shared without the user’s explicit consent.

Customer service

Customer service is a crucial aspect of any online business, and The Genealogist understands this. The platform is committed to providing a quality user experience, not only through its genealogy tools and resources, but also through efficient and responsive customer support.


  • Technical support: The Genealogist has a technical support team to help users with technical problems or questions about using the platform.
  • Educational resources: For beginners and advanced genealogists alike, the site offers a variety of guides, tutorials and articles to facilitate genealogical research.
  • Reactivity and accessibility: The support team is accessible via several channels, including e-mail and, in some cases, the telephone, guaranteeing a rapid response to user requests.

User experience

The Genealogist values feedback from its users and uses their comments to continually improve the platform. This user-centered approach contributes to a positive overall experience.

Customer satisfaction

The site is committed to keeping its resources up to date, ensuring that users have access to the most recent and accurate information for their research. The Genealogist regularly adapts its services to meet the changing needs of the genealogy community.

The Genealogist vs Genes Reunited vs MyHeritage

Genes Reunited, The Genealogist and MyHeritage represent three online genealogy platforms, each offering unique services in family history research.

The Genealogist, on the other hand, is for those interested in more in-depth genealogical research. This platform offers extensive access to a wide range of historical documents, including parish, military and educational records. It is equipped with special tools designed for detailed research, making it a preferred choice for serious genealogy researchers. The Genealogist is renowned for providing detailed and specialized information, often indispensable for in-depth family history investigations.

Genes Reunited focuses on building family trees and connecting with living relatives. This platform is particularly appreciated for its user-friendly interface, which facilitates the creation and management of family trees. It also offers access to civil archives, such as birth, marriage and death records, making it a valuable tool for those seeking to establish links with distant family members. Genes Reunited ‘s strength lies in its community component, which enables information sharing and fruitful interaction between users.

MyHeritage combines family tree construction with DNA testing technology. It offers a complete family history discovery experience, combining genetic ancestry with a vast historical database. In addition to allowing users to build and search family trees, MyHeritage offers DNA tests that can reveal information about ethnic origins and certain aspects of health. This holistic approach makes MyHeritage a particularly suitable platform for those seeking to explore their family and genetic heritage in depth.

The Genealogist