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23andMe, an American genealogy laboratory, offers DNA analysis with a particular focus on health. They are certified by the US FDA, guaranteeing a certain quality in their reports, which cover ethnic origins and certain genetic predispositions to disease.
Regrettably, however, their service is not available in France, which is an obstacle for French residents wishing to use their kits. Furthermore, if you need a mitochondrial or Y-DNA test, 23andMe will not be able to fulfill your request as these services are not part of their offer.

  • Shipping available throughout Europe
  • Accredited and certified DNA health test
  • Value-for-money reports
  • No mitochondrial and Y-DNA testing
  • Communication with customer service exclusively in English
  • Not available in France

23andMe, founded in 2006, is widely known for its autosomal DNA and health tests. As one of the top three American laboratories alongside AncestryDNA and MyHeritage, its reliability is often questioned, as is the quality and accuracy of its analysis reports. To assess 23andMe’s reliability, a DNA test was carried out to provide a concrete overview of their service and the accuracy of their results.

DNA testing and sampling

With CLIA certification, the 23andMe laboratory stands out for its genetic testing services. Its DNA tests are designed to provide detailed information about each person’s health and ethnic origins.

The company’s flagship product, a DNA health test, can identify various genetic factors linked to your well-being. At the same time, 23andMe also offers an autosomal test that opens a window on the past, revealing data on ancestry and possible family connections across the globe.

Professional genealogists have tried out both types of tests to give their informed opinion on the quality and usefulness of the services offered by 23andMe. Thanks to this technological breakthrough in genealogical and medical research, they were able to explore both their genetic heritage and their health predispositions.

Ancestry DNA test (Ancestry)

The ancestry DNA test is a revolution in our understanding of our origins. By examining more than 2,000 regions, we can gain a detailed insight into the ethnic ties that make us who we are. It tells you the precise percentage of your ethnic roots.

It also explores the direct lineage of your predecessors, identifying the haplogroup to which they belonged. This allows us to learn not only about their origins, but also about the migratory movements they may have undergone over the centuries.

One of the most innovative aspects of the report is undoubtedly the percentage of Neanderthal DNA present in your genetic heritage. This information provides a fascinating insight into the heritage handed down to us by our distant ancestors.

In addition, the test assesses how your own DNA influences various physical and behavioral traits. A wealth of information that can help you better understand certain personal characteristics.

What’s particularly appealing about this service is the precision of the temporal genealogical tracking offered, a veritable timeline that clearly traces the historical peregrinations of your ancestors. It’s a first encounter with such an in-depth and captivating assessment of our ancestral heritage and distinct genetic attributes.

DNA sampling

Collecting your DNA sample is child’s play. Simply take the cotton bud provided and rub the inside of your cheeks with care for a few minutes. This non-invasive method spares you any injections or blood tests.

The 23andMe kit arrives at your home with everything you need: a tube to receive your sample and an explanatory guide. This makes home DNA testing particularly easy, allowing you to carry it out comfortably and quickly, without the need for outside medical assistance.

The results

Genetic analysis provides a wealth of valuable information, accessible via an easy-to-download compressed file. The summary document included in the kit highlights several key elements such as the user’s ethnic percentage, ancestral origins mapping and maternal and paternal haplogroups. In addition, it exposes potential family relationships and reveals certain traits inherited from Neanderthals.

23andMe stands out for its comprehensive offering, which spans six distinct categories relating to our ancestors and our DNA. This includes the estimation of ethnic composition as well as the genetic timeline tracing our ancestry.

This service promises delivery of reports within 2 to 3 weeks of sample receipt. Notable advantages include its ease of use – sampling takes less than 10 minutes– and the wealth of information contained in its reports compared with those offered by other companies in the sector.

Health DNA test (Health + Ancestry)

23andMe has positioned itself as an alternative to MyHeritage, offering a DNA test that analyzes not only your ancestry, but also various aspects of your health. By choosing this option, you’ll have access to a wealth of relevant information concerning your general well-being.

This service provides more than fifty precise reports on subjects as varied as hereditary genetic predispositions or the influence of your genes on different facets of your health. This will help you better understand the links between your genetic heritage and your current physical condition.

Health predisposition results

The 23andMe service offers an in-depth analysis of your genetic make-up to identify potential predispositions to certain hereditary pathologies. This assessment will provide you with key information about your susceptibility to developing various genetic diseases.

The report by 23andMe sheds light on several conditions, including type 2 diabetes and neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease. It also explores other lesser-known but equally important conditions, including hereditary amyloidosis or MUTYH-associated polyposis.

This document should be seen as a valuable preventive tool that will help you in your future medical endeavors. In the event of results indicating an increased risk for certain diseases, it is strongly recommended to consult a healthcare professional to establish together a suitable strategy, which could include preventive measures or more regular follow-up.

Well-being results

To assess the impact of your daily habits on your overall health, we offer you a personalized assessment. It looks at various lifestyle factors and compares them to a standard average to determine their influence on your well-being.

This in-depth review focuses on eight crucial aspects:

  • Your alcohol tolerance
  • The amount of caffeine you consume
  • Genetic tendency to gain weight
  • Your ability to digest lactose
  • The impact of saturated fats on your build
  • Your body’s own muscle characteristics
  • The overall quality of your nights
  • The influence of sleep on your daily routine

By carrying out this analysis, you’ll have a better understanding of potential adjustments to optimize your physical and mental condition.

Results on physical traits

The 23andMe Health Kit provides a comprehensive report on your health based on your genetic profile. This report is more than just a window into your current physical condition; it also sheds light on how your genes influence various aspects of your appearance.

This type of analysis can be of particular interest to parents or those considering becoming parents. It provides valuable information about the physical attributes your future children may receive from you. Here are some of the characteristics that DNA testing can bring to light:

  • Eye color
  • Hair color and texture
  • Extending arms and legs
  • Taste perception of certain flavors

It’s a fascinating way to glimpse what particularities you have passed on to your offspring or could potentially pass on to them. This tool offers scientific prediction, enabling families to consider certain hereditary aspects with greater clarity.

Carrier status results

It is essential to understand the impact of genes on health. Dominant genes directly influence our well-being and physique, while recessive genes, while having a lesser effect, can be crucial to our children’s health if both parents share the same hereditary vulnerability.

To shed light on these questions, the 23andMe DNA test offers a detailed genetic carrier assessment. This service analyzes over forty hereditary genes, enabling parents to anticipate and minimize the risk of their child developing certain genetic diseases.

The benefits of the DNA test offered by 23andMe include:

  • A comprehensive report on your state of health,
  • Access to exclusive information not available from competitors,
  • Integration of autosomal test results,
  • Excellent value for money.

This type of genetic evaluation is therefore an invaluable tool for anyone wishing to have a complete overview of their genetic make-up and that of their descendants.

How much does a DNA test with 23andMe cost?

23andMe prices are within the usual market range. What sets them apart, however, is their ability to produce detailed analysis reports, offering an advantage in terms of value for money.

In terms of the tests available, the laboratory offers several options:

  • An autosomal DNA test costs around $119.
  • For those interested in a more in-depth analysis including health-related data, the cost is almost $229.
  • A package including two tests focusing on health and autosomal is also available for approximately $298.

23andMe also offers preferential rates for families, with a significant discount on group purchases of kits.

The 23andMe commitment

If you have any questions, 23andMe offers customer support by phone or e-mail. This makes it easy to find out what you need to know, and to get the help you need.

The user experience is optimized thanks to a dedicated application enabling customers to manage their account and consult their results with ease.

What’s more, the 23andMe community is the place to be. This forum not only enables users to share information, but also provides access to useful resources such as practical guides and specific information.

Our opinion of 23andMe

For those wishing to know their genetic heritage, the 23andMe laboratory is renowned for the accuracy of its DNA analyses. This provider offers easy-to-use kits and comprehensive health information.

It should be noted, however, that for residents of France, access to 23andMe kits can be complicated, and results are delivered in English only. That’s why the Quick DNA kit has been proposed as a practical alternative for those looking for a more accessible solution in their mother tongue.

Expert laboratory in DNA testing for health

Since 2017, 23andMe has marked a major milestone by becoming the first laboratory to receive the FDA’s blessing to market its health-oriented DNA tests. With this regulatory green light, we have established ourselves as a key player in the field of genetic testing.

Their expertise translates into in-depth analysis reports that boast near-perfect accuracy. The promise? Results accuracy reaching an impressive 99.99%. This represents a significant assurance for those who seek to understand their genetic heritage with rigor and finesse.

Opportunity to participate in genome studies

23andMe invites its members to participate actively in the progress of genomic research. By simply filling in an online form, anyone who has taken a DNA test can make their contribution to the scientific edifice. It’s a unique opportunity to help researchers break new ground in their quest for knowledge.

To embark on this adventure, it is essential to go through the initial stage of DNA testing. Once this formality has been completed, your answers to the questionnaire will be invaluable in feeding scientific databases and paving the way for major advances in our understanding of the human genome.

23andMe vs. Ancestry DNA vs. Myheritage

If you’re passionate about genealogy, there are three essential references for your research: AncestryDNA, Myheritage and 23andMe. Each of these companies is distinguished by specific assets that meet a variety of ancestral discovery needs.

For those who want to know more about their family tree, AncestryDNA is the right choice. Thanks to an unrivalled historical database, this laboratory offers the opportunity to explore family roots in depth.

Myheritage renowned for its reliability and accuracy, offers complete autosomal tests. It differs in its DNA collection method, which favors the use of a buccal swab for greater simplicity.

Finally, if your search involves geographical origins as much as more personal questions such as genetic characteristics or health predispositions, then 23andMe will be your ideal ally. This laboratory provides an exhaustive test including not only your ancestral lines but also a detailed health check.

Each platform therefore has its own strengths to support the curious in their exploration of the family past.