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The 24Genetics laboratory stands out in the field of DNA analysis thanks to its in-depth approach to genetics. Its kits, a favorite with genealogists, enable the examination of over 700,000 genetic markers. Each report provided is both comprehensive and accessible, offering an enriching experience for those wishing to know more about their genetic code.

  • Extensive, detailed reporting
  • Fast, efficient customer service
  • Best value for money in bundles
  • Highly reliable DNA ancestry test
  • Fully secure DNA testing
  • Waiting time for reports: approx. 4 to 6 weeks
  • Complexity in understanding unprocessed data

The tests offered by 24Genetics cover not only genealogy, but also preventive screening for hereditary diseases. Their service even includes full genome sequencing for an exhaustive analysis of hereditary risks. It’s a powerful tool both for understanding your origins and for monitoring your future health.

Despite a powerful reputation with customers all over the world, it is no longer possible to purchase kits directly from this laboratory in France It is therefore advisable to turn to other suppliers such as Quick DNA for a high-performance DNA test.

DNA testing and sampling

Laboratories offer a wide range of test kits to deepen self-knowledge through various aspects. Whether it’s to assess elements related to well-being or physical fitness, to understand nutrition, to discover genetic origins or to identify certain characteristic traits, these tools are a window onto personal DNA. They offer a detailed insight into our hereditary heritage and the many facets that make up our biological identity. It’s a modern, accessible way of accessing valuable data about our family history and deep roots.

DNA ancestry kit

24Genetics offers an ancestral lineage discovery service with its ethnic origins DNA test. The latter stands out for the precision of its results, attributable to the use of an advanced algorithm and the detailed analysis enabled by over 700,000 genetic markers. The test is based on exclusive regional data that enriches genealogical research.

Test ADN d'origines ethniques - 24genetics

The kit specifically uses autosomal DNA to provide information on direct genetic inheritance. By opting for this kit, you can obtain an in-depth mapping of your ethnic and geographical roots.

The kit costs €149

DNA health kit

If you’re looking for a complete solution to assess your genetic health, the DNA health test offered by 24 Genetics France could be just what you’re looking for. This product stands out for its detailed analysis of multiple genetic markers, enabling the identification of trends linked to a variety of diseases. This tool is particularly useful for professionals, providing them with valuable data for personalized care.

DNA health test - 24genetics

By investing 199 euros in this kit, you benefit from an overview of your biometric profile and are alerted to mutations that could have an impact on your state of health.

DNA nutrigenetic kit

To embrace a healthier lifestyle, it may be wise to opt for a nutrigenetic DNA test. This DNA analysis offers a personalized understanding of how your body reacts to different foods and to nutrition in general. By discovering your body’s specific characteristics, you’ll know which eating habits are best suited to you.

Nutrigenetic DNA test - 24genetics

The investment in this type of test is 199 euros.

DNA pharmacogenetic kit

With pharmacogenetic DNA testing, discover how your body reacts to certain treatments. This analysis decodes your genes to anticipate theefficacy or potential risks of drugs on your body. In-depth studies help to establish this profile, enabling healthcare professionals to fine-tune prescriptions.

Pharmacogenetic DNA test - 24genetics

The kit offered by 24Genetics is available for 199 euros.

DNA sport kit

Starting a physical training program requires a thorough understanding of your own body. To this end, the use of a sports DNA test proves to be an invaluable tool. It helps you discover the intrinsic characteristics of your body that influence your sporting ability. Through this genetic examination, you can grasp the nature of your muscles and understand your metabolic and cardiovascular specificities.

Sport DNA test - 24genetics

One of the test’s major strengths is its ability to reveal vulnerabilities to injury, enabling exercise to be adjusted to prevent unnecessary bodily harm. With this data in hand, it’s easy to design a customized training plan that perfectly matches the demands and limitations of your physiognomy.

The cost of the kit is 199 euros.

DNA skin kit

Skin DNA analysis allows you to assess the influence of your genetic heritage on aspects such as skin moisture and suppleness. It is an invaluable tool for those wishing to visually improve their epidermis through appropriate treatments. Through a series of genetic markers, it is possible to identify the characteristics specific to everyone.

Skin DNA test - 24genetics

Notable benefits include informed choice of the most appropriate cosmetic products for your skin type, increased prevention against certain dermatological diseases, and a considerable increase in the effectiveness of care products applied.

The analysis kit is available for 199 euros.

DNA talent and personality kit

Discover the secrets of your character with the DNA talent and personality test. This revolutionary tool deciphers the genetic code that influences your character traits. Thanks to in-depth research, it gives you a precise overview of your natural disposition. This kit is child’s play to use, and its accessibility in terms of understanding and price is second to none.

Personality and talent DNA test - 24genetics

For just 149 euros, you’ll gain access to a complete analysis highlighting the talents inscribed in your DNA.

DNA kits: All in one

The All-in-One kit from 24Genetics France is a comprehensive solution for exploring your DNA in all its facets. This unique package brings together various tests that tell you about your health, your body’s reaction to medication, your specific nutritional needs, as well as your ethnic and genetic background. It also includes in-depth analyses of your sporting predispositions, your personality and even the skincare products best suited to your genetic profile.

All in One DNA Test - 24genetics

With this kit, you receive everything you need to take a sample: an easy-to-use device for collecting your saliva, along with the necessary gloves and a bag for returning the sample. Of course, everything is guided by a set of clear instructions to facilitate safe registration and shipping of the kit.

The All-in-one kit is available for 399 euros.

Commitments at 24Genetics

The procedure for purchasing and receiving DNA kits at 24Genetics is designed to be fast and efficient. Once your purchase has been confirmed, expect to receive your parcel within one to three days. For your test results, please be patient: they will be ready within 3 to 6 weeks of ordering.

Wherever you live in the world, you can order from 24Genetics. And if you ever change your mind just after buying a kit, don’t worry: the company accepts requests for refunds in such cases.

Your privacy is a priority for the company, which is committed to protecting your personal data. In fact, it uses the GEDCOM standard to ensure that all genealogical information remains confidential. This shows their commitment to transparency.

For those curious about the inner workings or services offered by 24Genetics, simply visit the ” Blog ” section on their website. You’ll find a wealth of useful and interesting information.

Protection of personal information

At 24 Genetics, the confidentiality of customer data is paramount. The laboratory implements an advanced protection system for genetic data obtained from DNA analysis. Everyone has a secure folder containing his or her confidential information and specific identifiers.

The team, made up of specialists in bioinformatics, genetics and medicine, deals exclusively with the processing and evaluation of this sensitive information.

For those wishing to access their own raw data, simply request it from their customer service department via info@24genetics.com. Transparency and total user control over their personal data is a priority for the company.

24Genetics customer service

If you have any questions or require assistance, 24 Genetics’ customer support team is extremely attentive and quick to respond. A simple e-mail request is all that’s needed; please address your queries directly to info@24genetics.com for prompt attention. Alternatively, the form available on the main page of the website is an equally effective means of communication for applicants.

European residents have the added advantage of being able to reach customer service by phone on +34 910 059 099, guaranteeing more immediate and personalized contact.

Our opinion on 24Genetics

24Genetics has established itself as a key player in the genetic analysis sector, providing its international clientele with comprehensive and accurate assessments. Its innovative DNA sequencing services are acclaimed the world over.

A European genetics laboratory you can trust

The majority of establishments offering DNA analysis profit from the sale of the information collected. Conversely, 24Genetics does not sell its customers’ personal information to other companies. This policy is one reason the cost of their kits may seem higher. By adhering to European standards, this laboratory guarantees the protection of individual data and maintains user confidentiality.

Diversified and exhaustive DNA testing

24Genetics has established itself as a major player in DNA testing, offering a wide range of options to suit a variety of needs. Depending on what you’re looking for and your financial means, you can select the right service.

Various DNA tests are available to meet specific curiosities: overall health, reactions to medication, adapted diet, sports performance, dermatological care, character traits or family lineage. For those who want an exhaustive analysis, 24Genetics also offers a complete check-up at a competitive price.

This flexible and accessible laboratory is aimed at the public seeking to discover the secrets inscribed in their DNA.

Obtaining DNA results via tests carried out by other laboratories

If you’ve already taken a DNA test with a specialist company, your raw results can be reused. Numerous services offer to analyze them and produce additional reports, often at lower cost. For example, if your data comes from companies such as Ancestry , MyHeritage or 23andme it’s perfectly feasible to have them re-examined for a personalized report at 24Genetics. This is an attractive alternative for those who want to deepen their knowledge of genetics without breaking the bank.

Frequently asked questions about 24Genetics

For European residents wishing to pay for their purchases, there are several options: using a credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Customers in Spain also have the option of paying cash on delivery.

As for 24Genetics shipping costs, they are particularly advantageous for orders over 249 euros, with a free worldwide delivery policy. Below this threshold, a fixed charge of 25 euros is applied to cover shipping costs.

It is also important for customers to know that they have the power to demand the deletion of their personal information from 24Genetics laboratory files. This process will be handled expeditiously and should be completed within a maximum of two weeks.