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In the fascinating world of genealogy, one platform stands out for its ability to connect individuals with their past in a meaningful and rewarding way: Find my Past. This platform, recognized as a leader in family tree creation and ancestral research, opens a unique window on the past, enabling everyone to discover new and captivating family stories. Whether you’re a family history enthusiast, a professional researcher, or simply curious about your origins, Find my Past offers the tools and resources you need to embark on this journey through time.

  • Access to over 2 billion historical documents
  • Unique archives, including military and parish registers
  • Forums and groups for sharing experience and advice
  • Easy access via smartphones and tablets
  • Fast, efficient assistance
  • Less complete archives for certain geographical areas
  • Limited non-English-speaking resources
  • DNA testing now unavailable
  • Paid subscriptions can be an obstacle for some users

With over 2 billion historical documents, Find My Past makes it easy to reconstruct family lines and discover hidden treasures in your personal history. The platform is distinguished by its user-friendly interface and extensive range of resources, transforming complex genealogical research into an accessible and exciting adventure for all. From building a detailed family tree to exploring rich historical archives, he makes genealogy both profound and approachable.

Find my Past recently ceased its collaboration with Living DNA on DNA testing. For those interested in such services, we recommend laboratories such as Quick DNA, MyHeritage or AncestryDNA, which offer DNA testing services.

Introducing Find My Past

Find my Past is more than just a genealogy platform: it’s a veritable window on the past, enabling everyone to discover and preserve their family heritage. Born of a passion for history and genealogy, this platform has rapidly evolved to become one of the leaders in the field, renowned for its vast repertoire of historical documents and ease of use.

Over the years, Find my Past has considerably expanded its collection of documents, including birth, marriage and death records, censuses, military diaries, and much more. This expansion has enabled us to cover a wide range of regions and eras, making the platform particularly attractive to those looking for roots in various parts of the world.

The target audience

Find my Past is designed to serve a wide range of users, each with unique genealogical needs and interests. From the curious amateur to the professional researcher, the platform offers tools and resources tailored to different levels of expertise and commitment.

Genealogy enthusiasts

For those new to genealogy, the site offers an easy, user-friendly introduction to ancestor research. With step-by-step guides, tips and simple tools, the platform makes it easy for beginners to get started on their genealogical journey.

Enthusiasts with a certain amount of experience will find a wealth of information to deepen their research. Whether you want to trace a distant family lineage or uncover unexpected stories, the platform offers the resources you need to explore in greater detail.

Researchers and historians

Find my Past is a valuable resource for professional genealogists, offering access to detailed and specialized archives. Advanced search functions and extensive document collections help professionals deliver detailed, accurate results to their customers.

For those studying history at an academic level, it offers access to rare historical documents, opening up new perspectives for historical research. The wealth of available archives is particularly useful for specific thematic or regional studies.

Find My Past services

Find my Past stands out for the richness and diversity of its services, making genealogy both accessible and in-depth for a wide range of users.

Building family trees

Users benefit from a powerful tool for building and managing family trees. With an intuitive interface, they can easily add information, documents and photos. This feature not only allows you to create a detailed family tree, but also to keep it up to date with synchronized data on different devices.

Tree builder

Access to a vast database

With over 2 billion historical documents, it offers unrivalled access to civil registers, censuses and military archives. This comprehensive collection enables users to carry out in-depth research, tracing ancestors over several centuries and in various parts of the world.

Collections and archives

The site is distinguished by its specialized collections, including detailed military and parish registers. These archives are crucial for those researching ancestors who took part in historical conflicts or whose origins lie in specific regions. The platform also provides access to international documents, enabling global genealogical research.

Educational resources

To accompany users on their genealogical quest, Find my Past offers a variety of guides and tutorials. These resources are complemented by regular webinars and workshops led by experts, enriching users’ knowledge of genealogical research.


Find my Past’s strength also lies in its community. The platform facilitates the sharing of experience and advice through its forums and user groups. What’s more, it offers sharing and collaboration options, enabling users to work together on research projects and share discoveries with family or other researchers.

Find My Past special features

Several unique and innovative features that enrich the search experience for its users.

Exclusive collections

One of Find my Past’s key strengths is its exclusive collections. The platform offers access to rare and specialized documents that are often unavailable on other genealogy sites. This includes in-depth archives on specific regions, historical periods and ethnic groups.

Advanced search technology

The platform uses advanced search technology to enable users to efficiently filter search results across a vast database. This technology includes intelligent search tools that help target specific ancestors, reducing the time needed to find relevant information.

Strategic partnerships

Find my Past has established strategic partnerships with various institutions and archives, providing access to exclusive resources. These partnerships considerably enrich the quantity and quality of documents available to users.

Dynamic community

The platform is home to a dynamic and committed community of genealogy enthusiasts. Forums and groups offer a place to share discoveries, ask questions and receive advice from experienced researchers.

Start your family tree 3 steps

Start with the ones you know.

Share personal information, then expand with data you hold on your ascendants, including your parents and grandparents.

Follow the clues to find out more

We’ll start investigating, and as soon as we identify a member of your family in our archives, we’ll send you a hint to guide you.

Expand your family tree

The clues will help you discover new relatives to include in your tree. The more members you add to your tree, the more clues you’ll receive, enabling your lineage to continue growing.

Find My Past prices and subscriptions

The site offers different subscription levels, allowing users to choose an option that best suits their genealogical research needs and budget.

Subscription options

The platform offers several subscription formulas, each designed to provide flexible access to vast resources. These packages vary according to the extent of document access and the features available.

  • Starter subscription: Ideal for beginners, this option offers limited access to basic documents and functions. It’s perfect for those who want to explore Find my Past’s services without a long-term commitment.
  • Subscription Plus: Provides comprehensive access to archives and features, including parish, military and Irish and British travel records.
  • Pro subscription: Includes all Starter and Plus subscriptions, with access to the worldwide archives and newspaper archives spanning three centuries.
  • Premium subscription: Offering full access to all archives and features, including specialized collections and advanced search tools, this option is suitable for serious, regular users of the platform.

Specialized subscriptions: For those with specific needs, Find My Past offers specialized subscriptions, such as access only to military archives or parish registers.


Find my Past is committed to transparent pricing. The costs of the various subscriptions are clearly indicated on the site, enabling users to make informed choices with no hidden charges.

  • Free trial: New users can benefit from a free trial, enabling them to test the services before committing to a paid subscription.
  • Payment options: Subscriptions can be paid monthly or annually, offering flexibility to users according to their payment preferences.

Data security on Find My Past

Data security is a major concern for users of online genealogy services. Find my Past takes the protection and confidentiality of its users’ personal and family information very seriously.


  • Data encryption: Find my Past uses advanced technologies to encrypt sensitive data, ensuring that personal information and family tree details are protected from unauthorized access.
  • Server security: Servers are secured with state-of-the-art protection systems to prevent intrusions and computer attacks.
  • Regular updates: The platform performs regular security updates to ensure that its defenses are up to date with the latest cybersecurity threats.


  • User control over information: Users have total control over the information they share on the site. They can define levels of confidentiality for their family trees, and choose which information is public or private.
  • Transparent privacy policies: Their privacy policies are clear, explaining how information is collected, used and shared.

Find My Past customer service

Customer service is a crucial aspect of the user experience on an online genealogy platform. The platform focuses on providing responsive and efficient customer service, guaranteeing a positive user experience.


Find my Past offers customer support through a variety of channels, including email, telephone and live chat, allowing users to choose the means of communication that is most convenient for them.

The platform strives to maintain fast response times, ensuring that user requests are dealt with promptly.


A comprehensive FAQ section is available on the site, answering users’ most common questions and providing immediate solutions to many problems.

Find my Past offers a range of guides and tutorials to help users navigate the platform and make effective use of its tools and features.

Find My Past